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About Us

Our Aims & Ethos

‘Throughout the school pupils benefit from the strong emphasis on valuing the individual child within the context of a school that has a strong family and community ethos.’

- SIS Inspection Report, 2018

Pembroke House is a unique British boarding school in the heart of Kenya. We are a small, multicultural school of around 200 pupils, and cater for boys and girls aged 6 months - 13 years. We have a 90 year history of private education in East Africa, and our focus is on developing well-rounded, happy, independent, polite and confident pupils. Our Head is a member of the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS) and we follow the British Common Entrance curriculum. Our pupils go on to top international schools in the UK, Kenya and elsewhere around the world, with a high percentage achieving scholarships and awards to their next schools. We also have a large Learning Support department, which ensures we recognise specific learning needs early on, and then have the time and expertise to help children develop key skills.

At Pembroke, the welfare, safety, happiness and security of all our children is paramount. The vision is to bring out the best in every child, both in and out of the classroom. Our motivation is to provide a small, family atmosphere and instil our school values of dignity, duty and constancy. We strongly believe that the ‘Pembroke Spirit’ is something to be valued and nurtured.

However, many of these things are intangible and very difficult to capture on a website or in a prospectus. So please don’t take our word for it – come and visit to see for yourself.

Pembroke History

Pembroke House has a long tradition of quality schooling in East Africa, and is now more than 90 years old. It was named after the Cambridge College attended by its founder Headmaster, Harold Turner, who established the school in 1927 and conducted it, from the outset, on the lines of a traditional British preparatory school. This tradition has continued ever since.

Mr Turner purchased the unfinished farmhouse and 100 acres just outside of Gilgil from Captain Alan Gibson, after Gibson’s plan to farm flax failed. The original building now sits at the heart of the school buildings, and the school has understandably undergone a huge number of changes since its inception. Some of the most significant of these have been the improvement of roads, which helped to increase the number of sporting fixtures and develop the sporting prowess for which Pembroke has become renowned; the building of the Christina Chapel by the pupils in the 1950s, with its size determined by all the boys sitting in the proposed space and measuring around them; the introduction of girls to the school in 1988, after it was recognised that this was necessary for its long-term viability; constant additions and improvements to buildings, including the development of a dedicated Science Laboratory, STEAM centre, Music School, Theatre and Cafe, all of which are valuable resources; and the development of the Pre-Prep in recent years, which has proved hugely popular with local parents and contributed significantly to EYFS learning and pupils’ integration into the school from an early age.

The school has been owned by Kenya Educational Trust Limited since 1959. This body, accepted by guarantee without having a share capital, is an independent institution with all income received devoted to the management and improvement of the school. The British Common Entrance requirements are central to the school’s academic aims, standards and expectations.

The school’s motto is ‘Fortuna Favet Fortibus’ which means Fortune Favours the Brave. The emblem is the Martlet bird, which is a mythical, legless creature that represents the ceaseless pursuit of learning. The Martlet’s inability to land is considered symbolic of the constant quest for knowledge, and has led to the little bird being used in the arms of several schools and universities around the world.

Meet the Head

'A very warm welcome to our website and we are so pleased that you are trying to find out a little more about Pembroke House. Pembroke began in 1927 and fortunately, with history on our side with nigh on 95 years of experience, we managed to find a way through the recent challenges of Covid. With this time safely behind us we are now powering ahead with so many exciting and creative ideas for the future. 

With the support of a very generous sponsor the STEAM Centre was completed in 2022 and this has added much to the lives of our children in the Senior School with all sorts of models and inventions beginning to adorn the shelves and display areas. We have also added Adventure Learning to the timetable for the middle school and it almost goes without saying that this is one of our children’s favourite lessons. To add to all this we are passionate about our new drive to create a sustainable future for the school with the healthiest possible meals, our own dedicated woodland, complete with a working farmyard with the extra additions of apiaries and wormeries  and the target of being carbon neutral by 2030. One final advantage of school life is that it is totally device free and this combined with 120 acres of playing fields and forestry gives our children real time and space for so much freedom and this is a very important part of what we offer our pupils, which is so much more than just an education.
Traditionally, Pembroke  children have been  much appreciated by their next schools for they have been known to be well mannered, young people who are courageous and full of spirit, full of initiative and integrity and who are truly appreciative of their good fortune and who always try their best. Nothing has changed other than in today’s world these virtues are possibly even more outstanding.
Please come and see us for we are very proud of our school and would love to show you around. Nothing beats walking through our gates and feeling the warmth of our school community and experiencing the unique nature of our buildings set in the most lovely grounds.
We look forward to seeing you very soon!
Meet the Council



Chairman of Council
I am currently the Executive Director for the School of Wildlife Conservation, which is part of the African Leadership University. I am a highly motivated individual who is passionate about conservation, and finding new and innovative ways for the natural capital of the planet to be sustained and harnessed in a manner that addresses the economic and social needs of growing human populations. After over 20 successful years spent creating the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, I am now looking for opportunities to apply my experience at a scale that makes a real difference.

Billy Coulson

Vice Chairman of Council / Executive Committee

Graham Kayes

Chair of the Finance Committee / Executive Committee / Safeguarding Lead

Thomas Wright

Chairman of Pembroke House Foundation

Edmund Lovatt


Alexandre Liebeskind

Council Member



Millie Seagon

Marketing Lead & EYFS Lead

Mary Murigah

Health & Safety Lead

Humphrey Nzeyi

Council Member

Winnie Guchu

Council Member


‘Teachers provide good models in the courteous manner in which they interact with pupils and in their insistence on good behaviour at all times. The staff show great understanding and care, and these factors help pupils to develop a strong sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.’

- SIS Inspection Report, 2018

Pembroke has a large team of dedicated professionals who are committed to the quality education and welfare of all our children. We have an excellent pupil to staff ratio of 6:1, which ensures that children receive the support and encouragement they need, across all areas of school life. Staff are drawn from international and local backgrounds, and we always look for staff who can prove their commitment and passion in our very busy boarding school environment. They must also have relevant qualifications and experience, to ensure that we are offering the best to all pupils. Staff undertake ongoing Safeguarding training and professional development throughout the year. Prospective staff must pass rigorous safer recruitment procedures to ensure the safety of our pupils.

In addition to teaching and administrative staff, we also have a large team of dedicated and hard-working support staff. Many of these people have a long history of working at Pembroke, and their value and importance cannot be underestimated.

Meet the Team



Mrs Deborah Boyd-Moss

Headmistress/Next Schools/Geography Teacher/PHF/Sustain C.

Senior Leadership Team

Copy of Mike Aung

Mr Mike Aung

DHM - Operations/Head of Weekends & Trips/Adventure Learning /Maths Teacher/Sport/Head of Fosters/GCC Committee/Sustain C.
Copy of Evonne Wheeler

Mrs Evonne Wheeler

Designated Safeguarding Lead/PSHE Teacher
Chantal Cillie Trevor

Mrs Chantal Cillie Trevor

Copy of Henry Snow

Mr Henry Snow

Senior Master/Director of Sport/Maths Teacher
Copy of Ali Omell

Miss Ali Omell

Director of Studies/Head of Geography

Senior Management Team

Copy of Laelia Surtees1

Mrs Laelia Surtees

Head of Seniors/Head of Maths/Head of Scholars/Head of Opies/Next Schools/Hog Charge
Alice Matthews

Miss Alice Matthews

Head of Middles/Head of Scholes House/Middle School Teacher - Science and Study Skills / Sport / Sustainability Committee
Kirsty Rust Head

Mrs Kirsty Rust

Head of Mackie House / Head of Juniors / Year 5 Teacher
Copy of Celina Ritchie

Mrs Celina Ritchie

Head of Pre-Prep/Deputy DSL/House Tutor/School Magazine
Copy of Alison Letcher

Mrs Alison Letcher

Head of Learning Support
John Wright headshot

Mr John Wright

Head of French & Latin/Head of The Martlet Award & Clubs/ Head of Paid Extras/Sport/Head of Turners
Alex Standen McDougal

Mrs Alex Standen McDougal

Head of Drama /English Teacher
Copy of Michael Amaru

Mr Michael Amaru

Human Resource Manager/Health & Safety Administrator
Copy of Katrina Dingley

Mrs Katrina Dingley

Registrar/PA to Head/Marketing & Events/PHF

Mrs MJ Nuijten-Coulson

PA to the Bursar/PHF
Purity Wambui

Sister Purity Nyambura

Head Nurse


Ian Adams Head

Mr Ian Adams

Head of STEAM & Digital Learning /Maths Teacher/ Sport
Tiva Arkle Head

Tiva Herbert-Arkle

Deputy Head of Pre-Prep /Deputy DSL - Pre-Prep
Copy of Katie Aung

Mrs Katie Aung

Year 4 Teacher/Sport/LAMDA/Productions
Toby Blake Head

mr Toby Blake

Assistant Housemaster - Mackie Hse/ Science & STEAM /Sport
Heather Clarke Head

mrs Heather Clarke

Head of Science and Maths Teacher
Copy of Hilary Davidson

Ms Hilary Davidson

Library & RS Teacher/Exeat Trips/Tuck shop/ Mackie Hse Tutor

Mrs Severine Dewailly

French Teacher
Copy of Louise Foxton

Mrs Louise Foxton

Year 3 Teacher/Dinky Safari Rally
Catherine Gatheru

Mrs Catherine Gatheru - Therenja

Learning Support Teacher/Social Skills Group Facilitator


Year 3 teacher

Miss Anna Gordons

TPR Teacher/Sport

Ms Ash Harrold

Year 4 Teacher/House Tutor - Scholes Hse
Copy of Cat Jensen

Mrs Cathrine Jensen

Head of Art and Design Technology/House Tutor - Scholes Hse/LAMDA/Productions

Mrs Colleta Kaihura

Kiswahili, English & RS Teacher
IMG_20210112_144444 (002)


Assistant Housemistress - Scholes Hse/Pre-Prep Teacher

Miss Kaila Miller

Hd of Girls’ Games/Scholes Hse Tutor/Gap Co/Social Media/Hd Hazards
Wambura Mitaru Head

Ms Wambura Mitaru

Head of Music / Music Peri Coordinator / Productions

Mr Bevan Newlands

Assistant House Parent - Mackie Hse / Woodland Canopy / Sport

Mrs Bridget Newlands

Pre - Prep Maternity Cover/House Tutor - Mackie Hse/ Sport

Ms Scolastica Nyambura

Learning Support Teacher
Fran Pim-Kaime Head

Ms Fran Pim-Kaime

Year 1 Teacher/Sustainability Committee
Ginny Shambala

mrs Ginny Shambarla

Riding Instructor/Cover Teacher/House Tutor - Mackie Hse
Copy of Emily Rowe


Pre-Prep Teacher / Art Teacher /Productions
James Standen McDougal Head

Mr James Standen-McDougal

Head of History/Sport
Copy of Barbara Terry

Mrs Barbara Terry

Learning Support Teacher
Hannah Viljeon

Miss Hannah Viljoen

Pre-Prep Teacher/House Tutor - Scholes Hse

Ms Deborah Wilson

English Teacher
Copy of Judy Wairimu

Ms Judy Wairimu

Year 2 Teacher

Teaching Assistants


Mr Steve Ojiema

Class Assistant - Year 3F

Miss Teresia Gachanja

Library Assistant / Tech Support
Seth Gumbo headshot

Mr Seth Aoko Gumbo

Swimming Assistant / Sport

Miss Barbra Jemutai

Class Assistant - Year 4H

Miss Mary Karanja

Class Assistant - Year 3G

Miss Juliet Kurui

Class Assistant - Year 4A
Copy of Sammy Likoko

Mr Samuel Likoko

Sport Instructor/Mackie Hse Tutor/ Weekends & Trips

Mr Larry Bernard Nyambok

Science Lab Technician/Sport

Ms Mary Mwaniki

Class Assistant - Year 1

Ms Derby Nasambu

Class Assistant - Year 2

Administration and Pastoral Staff

Copy of Lydia Njuguna

Mrs Lydia Njuguna

Copy of Evanson Ndungu

Mr Evanson Ndungu

Assistant Accountant
Copy of Terry Mwangi

Mrs Terry Mwangi

School Secretary
Copy of Anne Mutegi

Mrs Ann Wanjiru Mutegi

Reprographics & Stationery

Mr Denis (Dot) Njogu

ICT Manager
20230202_093905__1_-removebg-preview (1)

Mr Ian rono

ICT Administrator

Mr Isaac Njoroge

ICT Technician
Obadiah Nyaboro Head

Mr Obadiah Nyabaro

Estates and Operations Manager
David Macharia headshot(1)

David Kuria Macharia

Operations and Logistics Officer
Esther Muthama headshot

Ms Esther Muthama

Administrative Assistant (HR & Compliance Officer)

Mr Simon Gakundi

Accounts Clerk

Sister Beth Kimotho

Nurse (Mackie House)
Josephine Muriira

Sister Josephine Gakii Muriira

Leah Wangeci

Sister Leah Wangechi Thimba

Winnie Nyambura Head

Sister Winnie Nyambura

Millie Mungasia

Sister Mildred Chabwanga

San Assistant



Miss Scorvia Adhiambo

Kenyan History & Kiswahili

Miss Charity Omollo

Digital Learning/ICT

Miss Faith Mutheu

Learning Support

Inspection Report

In 2018, the school underwent a full inspection by the School Inspection Service. We were judged Outstanding in the areas of Pupils’ Personal Development and Effectiveness of Boarding Provision.

Read the full British Schools Overseas (BSO) Inspection Report for Pembroke House School here:
SIS Inspection Full Report 2018.

In February 2020, the school also underwent a compliance inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. The Standards for British Schools Oversees have all been met for accreditation.

Read the full British Schools Overseas (BSO) Inspection Report for Pembroke House School here:
ISI Inspection Full Report 2020.

In 2023, the school underwent another full inspection by the School Inspection Service. We were yet again judged Excellent in the areas of Pupils’ Personal Development and Effectiveness of Boarding Provision.

Read the full British Schools Overseas (BSO) Inspection Report for Pembroke House School here:
ISI Inspection Full Report 2023.


We have policies for all areas of school life. These provide important guidelines to help govern the consistent and professional running of the school in a broad context. Links to our key policies are provided below, but all school policies are available upon request.

Term Dates

As a general guide, the Michaelmas term runs from the beginning of September until early December; the Lent term is from early January until late March/before Easter; the Trinity term is from late April until early July. These are usually in line with other Kenyan IAPS schools to allow for match fixtures and other inter-school events.

The complete calendar for each term is available in soft and hard copy for current parents.

Please find Pembroke Term Dates below.

Download Pembroke Term Dates 2023 - 2024.

Download Pembroke Term Dates 2024 - 2025.


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1.3. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, share and protect personal information in connection with our services, including offering private education services.
1.4. Please take time to read this Privacy Notice to understand how and why we collect and use your information in connection with our services.

Who is PHS?

2.1. Pembroke House School is a unique British Boarding School located in the heart of Kenya. We are a small, multicultural school of around 200 pupils, and cater for boys and girls aged 6 months to 13 years. We have a 90-year history of private education in East Africa, and our focus is on developing well-rounded, happy, independent, polite, and confident pupils. We are members of the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS), and we follow the British Common Entrance curriculum.

2.2. We are located along Nyahururu Road, Gilgil, Kenya.

Who does this privacy policy apply to?
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Types of information collected, purpose and lawful obligations
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Data Subject

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Lawful Bases

Pupils (current and alumni)

§  Identification details: Names, nationality, date of birth, sex, religion, nationality

§  Information contained in School Registration/Enrolment Records

§  Log-in credentials for various school systems,

§  School Records: attendance records, academic records, extra-curricular records, boarding records, learning support records, health records, disciplinary records safeguarding records and dietary records

§  School Transfer Records: information received from Schools that a pupil(s) transfer from when joining pour School

§  Extra-Curricular Activities Records: Attendance Records, Sign and up forms

§  Financial Records: financial records relating to school fees or other payments, invoices

§  photographs and videos taken during school events,

§   Trip records: school trip records, us trip information through GPS devices fitted in school buses

§  Bursary and scholarship records

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§  To interest you in our School

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§  To support pupil learning

§  To monitor and report on pupil attainment process

§  To monitor and report on your attendance record

§  To provide appropriate pastoral care

§  To assess the quality of our services

§  To keep you safe as per our child protection policies

§  To develop fee statements, invoices and any other necessary financial information

§  To meet your dietary requirements

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§  To meet statutory duties imposed on us by the Kenyan Government and the UK Government

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§  To market or promote our school (where we do this, we must first seek your parents’ consent)

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§  Complaints or any communication with Pembroke,

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§  To evaluate your scholarship or bursary needs

§  To meet statutory duties imposed on us by the Kenyan Government and the UK Government

§  Contract

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§  Legitimate Interests

§  Legal Obligations


§  Identification details: Names, ID/Passport

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§  Contract Details

§  Tax Information:  tax identification information, CR12 information,

§  Any  communication you have with Pembroke

§  Cookies and Online Identifiers collected when using any internet enabled tools to access our systems such as the website.

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§  To understand your product or service offerings

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How we collect your personal data?
  • We may collect personal data directly from you when you fill out our school forms such as registration/enrolment forms, call or email us or through our School IT systems.
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  • when you interact with our website or other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube (in this case we collect cookies and online identifiers.
Photographs and Videos?
  • Your children’s photographs and videos may be taken by staff and pupils throughout the school year to record and share everyday life at Your child may be identifiable in these photographs or videos. Identifiable photographs of your child may be used for:
    • educational and informational purposes (such as keeping records of lessons, field trips, sports, events, staff training), as we have a legitimate interest to do so
    • the identification of your child for health-related purposes, such as allergies, as it is in the vital interest of your child to do so; and
    • marketing and publication purposes, if and to the extent we have obtained your consent where required under applicable data protection legislation to do so.
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Photographs & videos
How do we share your personal data?

8.1. We may share your personal data within the School to facilitate our internal operations and provide you efficient services
8.2. Where appropriate, we may share your personal data in various ways and for various reasons with: -
• Child Protection Officers, Police or other authorities when we believe in good faith that the law or other regulations requires us to share this data.
• School Inspectors or officials affiliated with the United Kingdom’s Department of Education
• third-party service providers who perform functions on our behalf including IT systems providers, medical or insurance service providers, marketing consultants and security agencies.

8.3. When sharing your personal data with trusted third parties, we prioritise the security and confidentiality of your information. We take stringent measures to ensure that these parties comply with strict data protection standards and handle your personal data in accordance with our instructions.

8.4. We carefully select and evaluate third-party service providers, business partners, and other recipients of your personal data. We enter into contractual agreements with these parties, imposing obligations to protect your personal data and restricting their use of the information solely for the specified purposes outlined in our agreement. Furthermore, we require these third parties to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of your personal data.

How do we safeguard your personal data?
  • Pembroke has taken appropriate technical, administrative, and procedural security measures, consistent with local and international information practices and regulations, to protect the personal data from misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure, loss, alteration, or destruction. These measures include:-


  • Technology safeguards: To protect your information during transmission, we utilize industry-standard encryption protocols, ensuring the confidentiality of your data. Our secure network infrastructure incorporates firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other security measures to prevent unauthorised access and mitigate external threats. Additionally, access controls are in place, restricting data access to authorised individuals through unique user credentials, strong passwords, and role-based privileges. Regular data backups and recovery processes are performed to maintain data integrity and availability.


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  • While we continually enhance our security measures, it is important to note that no security measure can provide absolute protection. However, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standards of data security and will continue to invest in measures to safeguard your information.
  • If you suspect any misuse or loss of or unauthorized access to your personal data, please let us know immediately by sending us an email on dpo@pembrokehouse.sc.ke
What happens if you do not provide us with the personal data we request or ask that we stop processing your personal data?
What rights do you have over your data?
How do you exercise your rights?
International data transfers
Your Responsibilities
To whom whould I direct a question a complaint?

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