Learning Support

Helping every child reach their full potential

Children develop at different rates and Learning Support encompasses pupils across a broad spectrum, ensuring every individual has the chance to reach their full potential. Our Learning Support Department is based in the Coach House, at the heart of the school campus, and caters for a wide variety of educational needs, providing a creative and empowering environment that promotes positive approaches to learning for every child. 

Our specialist Learning Support teachers are trained and experienced in supporting children with learning difficulties. Every child that visits the Coach House has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), which highlights areas of challenge and the related targets. We ensure that all relevant teaching staff are familiar with these plans so that appropriate assistance is provided in the classroom to complement the one-to-one support received in Coach House.

Should we feel a more comprehensive educational report might be of benefit to a child, we can arrange for an in-depth assessment by an extrenal Educational Psychologist. As well as helping to identify specific difficulties and interventions, this report is required for access arrangements in exams, such as extra time or having a reader and scribe.

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