Sport at Pembroke

An array of sporting opportunities

Sport is an integral part of Pembroke life. It not only improves health and wellbeing but also teaches children about teamwork, leadership, team spirit and sportsmanship. It fosters valuable personal qualities such as resilience, determination, stamina and self-discipline.

Pembroke pupils have always been renowned for their sporting ability but we are equally proud of their reputation for sportsmanship and team spirit. This success is driven by our comprehensive sports programme which is built on the pursuit of sporting integrity. It is also fuelled by our firm belief that all children have something to offer and gain from sport.

Children at Pembroke represent the school in sport from a young age thanks to the variety of teams in each age group. Matches between other IAPS schools are common and every child is given the opportunity to be involved.

“Pembroke’s sports teams do extremely well and this encourages pupils’ competitive spirit and enhances their health and fitness…They are naturally competitive but also sporting and have a strong sense of fair play.”

SIS Inspection Report, 2018


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