Learning through play

We know that happy children make the best learners and play remains by far the happiest way to learn, yielding natural opportunities for children to become more independent. Play encourages them to use their imagination, giving them space to initiate their own learning and investigate emerging interests.

Although the amount of classroom teaching increases, with some new additions to the curriculum such as Digital Learning, outdoor activity remains a major part of the Nursery day. In effect, children in Nursery have the best of both worlds; they benefit from a familiar and cosy Nursery environment but they also make full use of our beautiful and extensive school campus, with its endless opportunities for adventure, stimulation and inspired learning.

Age 3 - 4 years
Monday – Friday
8.00am - 12.30pm

08:00 Morning greetings & free play

Children arrive and are welcomed for the morning. There is relaxed free play to help everyone quietly settle into the day; sensory resources are popular for this initial play session.

08:30 Circle time

A cheerful good morning song is followed by a story and some discussion about the day ahead.

08:50 Numeracy

Number songs and games are enjoyed, both inside and outdoors. These develop familiarity with numbers and counting, while keeping it fun.

10:00 Break, snack & free play

A homemade snack is enjoyed during a relaxed period, where children are encouraged to choose a game or toy to play with.

11:05 Kiswahili

Time is spent with the school’s dedicated Kiswahili teacher, focusing on expanding vocabulary and building confidence in speaking Kiswahili.

11:45 Library visit & rest time

Children choose a book to enjoy quietly in the cosy library, while waiting for lunch.

12:00 Lunchtime

Children enjoy a healthy lunch together before they go home for the afternoon.

12:30 Home time

Children are collected and taken home for a well-earned rest, after a busy morning.


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