Preparing for a seamless transition to prep school

Our aim in Reception, the final year in our Pre-Prep, is for children to leave us as happy, resilient, creative and sociable little people. By the end of the year, they will begin to demonstrate some of our school values, such as self-belief and curiosity, setting them up to become confident and enthusiastic learners, fully prepared and excited for the transition to Year 1.

During this year, we progress through the final stage of the EYFS framework, using a combination of small classes delivered by experienced and inspirational teachers and a broad co-curricular programme with a strong emphasis on outdoor learning. This educational breadth also allows to instil a robust moral compass, develop good manners and an awareness of others.

This way we ensure that children in Reception are prepared academically, emotionally and socially, and with the confidence and values they need to make the most of their school journey.

Reception Curriculum
Throughout Reception, the majority of the curriculum is delivered by our dedicated year group teachers but the children also benefit from specialist teaching in some subjects, such as digital learning, music and drama. The curriculum builds on the Early Years Foundation Stage of the previous years with 7 distinct areas of learning:

• Communication & language
• Physical development
• Personal, social & emotional development
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the world
• Expressive arts & design

In Reception, we aim for all children to reach the Early Learning Goals  through the following lessons:

• Reading & writing
• Numeracy
• Science
• History
• Geography
• Languages: Kiswahili
• Music
• Art
• Forestry outdoor learning
• Sport: PE, swimming, riding, dance & bicycle riding

Age 4 - 5 years
Monday - Friday
8.00am – 3.15pm

08:00 Greeting & free play

Children are welcomed into their classrooms and get ready for the day. There is an opportunity for free play, where they can choose what they would like to do while their peers are arriving and settling in.

08:30 Circle time

Everybody gathers for circle time, which offers a chance for chat, stories and phonics practice. On a Friday morning, we have an assembly instead of circle time.

08:50 Literacy & free play

A session of free play follows circle time, with groups breaking out to practise their reading and literacy; this is often done with fun games to stimulate interest and engagement.

10:00 Snack & play time

A homemade snack is enjoyed and the children have a chance to play together.

11:05 Numeracy

Numeracy is practised through songs and games in groups and individually with a teacher. The focus is to build confidence with numbers and improve concentration skills, while keeping it fun.

11:45 Music

Our Music sessions are always a firm favourite with both children and teachers. Different sounds and rhythms are explored through voice and percussion instruments.

12:00 Lunch

Lunch is a time to sit together, building social skills and table manners, while refuelling for the afternoon.

01:00 Rest

A quiet time and short nap after lunch enables children to re-charge.

01:30 Free play

After Rest, there is a period of free play, children may choose to be inside or out doors, playing in sand or water, with paints or puzzles; this is a lovely time to potter and explore with friends.

02:05 ICT

Children have access to age appropriate software and are encouraged to think about everyday technology through investigative activities.

03:05 Tea

A homemade snack and drink is enjoyed with class mates. These informal break times are a lovely opportunity for children to chat and build their social skills.

3.30 Home time

Parents and guardians arrive to collect children.


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