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In Pre-Nursery, we continue with the EYFS framework, focusing on sensory development and reviewing numeracy and literary skills.

Guided play remains very much at the heart of learning in our Pre-Nursery because it is in play that toddlers and young children best develop important emotional, social and communication skills.

In Pre-Nursery, children are provided with a nutritious snack and lunch. Additionally, they have the option to extend and stay for the afternoon session, which includes a peaceful rest period and a variety of engaging activities. For those staying later, tea is served at 3:00pm, with pickup scheduled for 3:15pm.

Age 2 - 3 years
Monday - Friday
8.00am - 12.30pm
8:00am - 3:15pm

08:00 Morning greetings & free play

Children arrive and explore the set up; there are different sensory trays, miniature worlds or the mud kitchen to draw them into the day. Varying the choices from day to day holds children's interest.

08:30 Literacy & numeracy activities

The next, slightly more structured exercise, is an adult-led numeracy or literacy activity, tailored to the children’s interests and learning needs, this may take place either indoors or outdoors.

09:25 PE lesson

Either indoor or outdoor PE lessons are an informal and fun way to keep fit and improve balance, coordination and listening skills.

10:00 Snack & free play

Children enjoy a homemade snack and have some time to explore and play with their friends, with whatever catches their interest.

11:05 Swimming

Introducing Pre-Nursery children to swimming offers numerous benefits. It promotes water safety, instills confidence, and improves coordination and motor skills. Early exposure to water, especially in small group sessions, can help reduce fear and build essential skills and set the foundations for swimming as they move up the school.

11:45 Library

A walk across campus to visit the school library is a lovely adventure; sitting quietly and listening to a story in this cosy setting is the best way to instil a love of books in our Pre-Nursery children.

12:00 Lunchtime

Lunch is enjoyed with friends and teachers. Table manners are gently introduced and the social aspect of mealtimes is celebrated.

12:30 Home time

Children are collected to go home, ready for a rest after an action packed morning.


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