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Striving for academic excellence

Pembroke House is committed to delivering academic excellence for all pupils. However, we believe it is the breadth of our curriculum and the centrality of our school values that sets us apart from other schools.

While we offer plenty of optional extras, from an early age all children are exposed to a variety of subjects and activities within our core curriculum, at no extra cost. This breadth fosters a spirit of adventure and gives every child the chance to shine.

In the Pre-Prep, Junior and Middle Schools, we are guided by the British National Curriculum, adapting it where we can add value, innovate and reflect our East African heritage and setting. Given that we have 140 acres of the Rift Valley on our doorstep, we have unrivalled opportunities to reinforce the curriculum in inspirational and adventurous ways.

Alongside traditional academic subjects, we help children make the most of their special location by including in our curriculum Kiswahili and Kenyan History, alongside Adventure Learning, STEAM and Design Technology.

In Years 7 and 8, we remain committed to preserving this unrivalled curricular breadth and to giving children the space to be children. Academically, however, we go up a gear, with the majority of subjects transitioning to the British Common Entrance curriculum, in order to ensure that all children are robustly prepared for the formal Common Entrance exams in June of Year 8.

“Not every school can teach a geography lesson in the Rift Valley or reinforce a science topic in the Maasai Mara.”

“Pupils are attentive, listen well and are enthusiastic learners. They have a real love of learning”.

ISI Independent Schools Inspectorate, February 2023

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