Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education at Pembroke

Fostering holistic development

All children have a timetabled PSHE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic education) lesson every week. These lessons cover issues in an age appropriate way and are led by our designated safeguarding lead.

Our PSHE syllabus aims to foster holistic development among our children. It covers diverse topics to equip students with essential life skills.

In the Personal aspect, students learn about self-awareness, emotional management, and building resilience.

Social education is focused on developing interpersonal skills, understanding diversity, and promoting teamwork and cooperation.

The Health education element emphasises the importance of physical well-being, including topics like nutrition, exercise, and personal hygiene. Additionally, children are educated about mental health awareness and strategies for seeking support if needed.

Economic education introduces basic financial literacy, teaching children about budgeting, saving, and the value of money.

The curriculum also addresses key societal issues such as relationships and sex education, substance abuse prevention, and internet safety. Through interactive activities, discussions, and workshops, children are encouraged to explore these topics in a safe and supportive environment. The PSHE syllabus aims to empower children to make informed decisions, develop positive relationships and navigate the challenges they may encounter both inside and outside the classroom.

The children discuss and debate topics that include;
Being Me in My World – Who am I and how do I fit?
Celebrating Difference – Respect for similarity and difference, anti-bullying and being unique
Dreams & Goals – Aspirations, how to achieve goals and understanding the emotions that go with this
Healthy Me – Being & keeping safe & healthy
Relationships – Building positive, healthy relationships
Changing Me – Coping positively with change

Throughout the curriculum, emphasis is placed on promoting values such as respect, responsibility, and empathy, fostering a sense of citizenship and social responsibility among our community. The PSHE syllabus has evolved over time to adapt to the changing needs of children and society, reflecting ongoing efforts to provide a comprehensive education for young learners in prep schools across the globe.

“Pupils’ sense of spirituality is on an exceptional level. They have an outlook on life that does not focus on materiality. Instead, they have a true affinity with the natural world and their environment”

ISI Independent Schools Inspectorate, February 2023


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