Broadening Horizons

Every term children can select from a wide range of extras which include horse riding, golf, piki piki (motorbike) riding, LAMDA classes, football, squash, taekwondo, tennis, polo, woodwork, fitness classes, mountain biking, additional swimming lessons, playing in The Martlet Band, choir and swim squad.

Several of these options are at an additional cost, which is added to the school bill at the end of term, and others, such as joining the band, school choir or swim squad are inclusive.

Some options are firm favourites and are offered every term, some are seasonal and others are one-off opportunities that may run for a term or two. Extracurricular activities run on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, as well as over the weekend.

The children also love their Clubs on a Saturday morning, where they can choose from a huge range of activities, including cooking, crochet, arts and crafts, journalism, various sports, rifle shooting, fishing and dam building. These Saturday clubs are inclusive and are run in groups of children of mixed ages.


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