Martlet Award

Every child. Every moment.

Pembroke pupils are renowned for a special quality which has become known as the ‘Pembroke Spirit’. The ‘Pembroke Spirit’ is not what makes our pupils perform so well in exams, it is what makes them shine as people. During interviews and assessment days at future schools, time and again, Pembroke pupils stand out for their self-belief, their ability to collaborate and lead with confidence, their integrity, humility, spirit of adventure and compassion. In short, they are contributors.

This propensity to contribute is nurtured throughout the School but particularly from Year 5, through our pioneering Martlet Award. Unique to Pembroke, the Martlet Award records and rewards children’s contributions to school life, ensuring they get the most out of the all-round education that Pembroke offers and giving them goals beyond the classroom.

The Martlet Award celebrates contributions to school life in six distinct areas:

  • Learning
  • Outdoors
  • Community
  • Collaboration & Leadership
  • Sport & Health
  • Social

To instil a culture of aspiration and leading by example, we encourage pupils to go further by rewarding three different levels of aptitude with colour coded sew-on or pin badges:

  • Contributor
  • Developer
  • Role Model

Children are very proud of their badges and like to ensure they are prominently displayed!

By encouraging pupils to reflect on their school career and record their contributions to school life in a digital portfolio from Year 5, the Martlet Award promotes conversation, which comes in very handy at interviews.

“Pupils’ sense of spirituality is on an exceptional level. They have an outlook on life that does not focus on materiality. Instead, they have a true affinity with the natural world and their environment”

ISI Independent Schools Inspectorate, February 2023


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