As is our duty as custodians of this remarkable planet,
Pembroke House, is beginning to take significant steps
in building upon our

Pembroke House has a long history of ‘green’ principles, such as the use of solar in heating our pool, creating our own water filtration system and every new pupil is invited to plant a sapling in their first term.

Now that the earth is at a tipping point, it has never been a more crucial time to take more action and the creation of our Sustainability Sub Committee in 2022 is dedicated to driving our environmental efforts much further.  We are also committed to inspire our children to make sound environmental decisions so that this will become a way of life.

With considerable farming and conservation experience amongst them, the committee is embarking on a revitalised journey, kick-starting with a focus on the food served to our children and a full review of its provenance.  They are also looking at ways to increase the biodiversity of the school campus by rewilding areas, planting a new canopy of trees and the creation of our own farm in order to achieve a net- zero food policy.

We look forward to sharing more initiatives as our sustainable momentum grows.


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