Middle School

The Adventure Continues

The Middle section of the school covers Years 5 and 6.  The children feel a change of pace as they become a ‘middle’.  More of the lessons are taught by subject specialists. The children begin playing sports more competitively, they may start increasing the number of nights they choose to spend in the boarding house and their timetable now includes Latin, Adventure Learning and project based lessons in the STEAM centre. Prep (homework) is introduced in the evenings to start building independent study skills and stamina. While still having a form taker, their assigned tutor becomes the main point of contact for parents and they help guide their tutees both academically and pastorally as they mature.

During Years 5 and 6, form teachers remain responsible for the bulk of academic learning, creatively delivering and adapting the British National Curriculum, innovating wherever possible. Our aim in Years 5 and 6 is to ensure all children are prepared for the standards and quality of output expected by the Common Entrance curriculum that they will move to in Year 7.

From Year 5, pupils are allocated a dedicated tutor and placed in a tutor group. Weekly tutor meetings provide regular opportunities to discuss any pastoral or academic issues arising.

In Year 5, children begin recording their contributions to school life in a digital portfolio, through our unique Martlet Award. Children work towards various badges dedicated to different areas of school life, giving them something to aim for beyond academic grades or sporting achievements.

In Year 6, children also begin preparing for the next chapter in their school careers, not only in the classroom but also in confidence and character.


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