Kenya, Shaba National Reserve. Günther's did-dik in Shaba National Reserve.

A Happy Habitat

‘It’s not only our children that get to roam free…’

Given the school’s geographical location in the Rift Valley, Kenya, it’s not surprising that our campus is home to plenty of wildlife.

It’s not only the pupils who get to roam free around our 140 acres. Pembroke House is home to plenty of domesticated animals, including cute cats, an entire paddock of ponies and guinea fowl.  However, at sunrise or sunset, you may be fortunate enough to spot some more timid creatures.

Did you know that we have regular sighting of the following animals and birds?

Owl – we have a pair of resident owls who like to sit in the boughs of the jacaranda tree close to our chapel and keep a close eye on proceedings below, or even come for a drink at the Boatie Pond!

Fun Fact:  A group of owls is called a Parliament.

Hadarda Ibis – seen foraging around the sports pitches, these birds are renowned for three note calls (or is that screams?) as they fly back to their roost trees.

Fun Fact:  From a spiritual perspective, the Ibis family represent knowledge, science, magic, justice and wisdom – no wonder they feel at home at Pembroke House.

Dik-dik –  these small antelopes stand only 30-40 centimetres to the shoulder and are almost always found in pairs, darting through our bushland.

Fun Fact: the name Dik-dik comes from the sound they make. When alarmed they run in a zig-zag pattern and make an alarm call that sounds like ‘dik-dik’ by whistling through their noses.

Gecko – these little omnivores hang by their toe hairs and can be found scampering up the classroom walls.

Fun Fact: they shed their tails if a predator grabs them and can lick their own eyeballs.

Leopard – Yes really!  There have been recent sightings in our community. One of our neighbours even found a leopard hiding in his loft space.

Fun Fact: Not only can they run up to 58mph but these ‘Cats of the Night’ can see seven times better in the dark than humans.


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