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The Senior Years

The Senior section of the school is Years 7 and 8. As they enter their last two years of education at Pembroke House School, the curriculum focusses on the demands of Common Entrance. Gifted children are prepared for Scholarships with dedicated enrichment sessions in English, Maths and Science and all children focus on their future senior schools, being given robust interview preparation, meeting visiting Heads and planning tours of shortlisted schools.

Year 8’s take Mock CE exams in the Lent term. The children begin to take on more responsibilities around the school. Leadership roles are granted to the Head Boy and Head Girl and ‘Dorm Prefects’ are assigned to help oversee the welfare and behaviour of the younger children who sleep within their dormitory. Children are also awarded ‘Head of House’ positions who help run the weekly house meetings and unite the members of their house in competitive spirit and song. The Seniors also benefit from a biennial overseas sports tour or cultural visit to Europe. The Leavers celebrate their final academic year with a calendar of special events, from climbing Mount Kenya, joining Camel Safari’s in Laikipia, hosting leavers suppers for their parents, taking on lead parts in the end of year production, celebrating achievements at Prize giving and creating lasting memories of their time at Pembroke House.

When children enter their final two years at Pembroke, they will have already begun preparing for their next step in schooling during Years 5 and 6. Academically, in the Senior School, we move on to the British Common Entrance Curriculum, across the majority of subjects, culminating in formal Common Entrance exams in June of Year 8. Greater specialist teaching means that senior pupils benefit from engagement with a larger number of staff, helping them deepen their subject knowledge and identify their strengths and interests.

With so many of our pupils applying for scholarships, our teachers are on hand to provide preparation and support, whether it’s for an academic award, sport scholarship, art exhibition or all-rounder. All our senior pupils receive robust interview preparation and extra coaching where needed in the run up to exams.

Although exams are very much on the horizon for senior pupils, we remain absolutely committed to celebrating the individual and developing the whole child through our diverse co-curricular provision and by nurturing our values in every sphere of school life. Seniors are given more opportunities to take on positions of responsibility, lead others and shape our community.

“Pupils have an excellent sense of morality. They understand right from wrong and apply this to their school life. They understand the need for broad rules but not minutiae, they respect the trust that rests on them to be sensible whilst enjoying their rich environment and they rise to it brilliantly”.

ISI Independent Schools Inspectorate, February 2023


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