Junior School

The Adventure Begins

The Junior section of the school encompasses Years 1 to 4. As the children step up from the Pre-Prep their days become more formal and structured. Uniform is introduced, school days become longer and they begin to attend chapel services, are invited to experience boarding for the first time, have some subject specific teachers and are introduced to new subjects as they progress through the year groups such as PSHEE, Kiswahli & Citizenship, French and Digital Learning. Juniors get to enjoy all of the school’s wonderful facilities and dedicated learning spaces, such as the music room and theatre and are given more freedom during break times to explore and integrate with the rest of the school community.

During the junior years children benefit enormously from small classes and quality time with their form teachers, who are responsible for the majority of their academic learning. This gives children the time and space to build lasting relationships with the staff who will be supporting them as they move through the school, grounding them at the heart of our community.

Doubling up as tutors, form teachers keep a close eye on their pupils’ emotional wellbeing and personal development, as well as their academic progress, and maintain regular contact with parents.

As in pre-prep, we follow the UK National Curriculum, adapting planning and learning areas where appropriate or necessary, and to reflect our Kenyan context. We also make sure that children are given a range of educational opportunities in order to cater for different learning styles and interests.

While core subjects are taught in form, children in Years 1-4 enjoy specialist teaching in areas such as art, music, sport, DT and are given many opportunities within the curriculum to try out some of our popular co-curricular activities. These include:

• Adventure Learning
• Rhythm and Dance
• Tennis
• Squash
• Kiswahili
• Kenyan Citizenship

In the Junior School, the majority of children begin as day pupils, with many opting to board on an occasional ad hoc basis to make the most of all that is on offer at Pembroke. By the time pupils move on to Middle School, the vast majority will have chosen to become full boarders in order to participate fully in the adventures, opportunities, fun and friendship that boarding life provides.

“They are happy, confident young people who are excellent ambassadors for the school”.

ISI Independent Schools Inspectorate, February 2023


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