Exams, Assessments & Reporting

Measuring progress

Exams and assessments are an unavoidable part of school life, but with the right support and preparation we hope that children see assessments as a chance to show off what they have learnt and use assessments as a marker of their achievement and progress.

We make assessments a regular and informal part of school life so that they become common practice; we feed back to parents each half term so that they can see how their children are doing.

At the end of every term, parents are invited to meet with their child’s tutor, together with subject and learning support teachers, during these open days. These meetings give teaching staff the opportunity to share academic progress and discuss any pastoral issues that have arisen during the term.

We always make sure that these open days coincide with other major school events such as the Senior School performance or Ndume 7s competition, giving parents an insight into their child’s life at school.






Children in Years 5 to 8 sit formal examinations at the end of the Michaelmas and Trinity Terms. Year 8 pupils also sit mock exams at the end of the Lent Term, ahead of Common Entrance. Common Entrance exams are taken in June of Year 8.

During exam time, we operate a separate timetable which incorporates dedicated accommodation for pupils as well as access assistance such as readers, scribes and extra time where required. Children in Years 1 to 4 sit exams within their own classrooms and timetables.

We hold regular, informal assessments which enable us to adapt and revise teaching styles and plans to ensure that we are always doing our best for every child, and this also allows our children to become comfortable with being assessed.

Each half term Parents receive a written report that includes effort & attainment grades for all subjects, a learning support report (if applicable) and a short comment from their Tutor.

 At the end of Michaelmas and Trinity, they receive a full detailed written report covering every subject, effort and attainment grades, exam results and comments from all teachers, including their Tutor, House Parent and Head. This thorough report also includes details on extras such as individual music lessons, LAMDA or riding as well as detailing medical information, absences, house and work points.

At the end of the Lent term, there are online parent/ teacher meetings through the school’s MIS system. Parents can book appointments with individual subject-takers to discuss their child’s progress.

Pembroke House is a registered invigilation centre for ISEB (Independent Schools Examination Board) and offers the pre-tests in October of year 6 and year 7. The ISEB is an increasingly popular route to entry for UK schools, Pembroke children have gone on to Sherborne, Shrewsbury and Marlborough among others following successfully completing these tests.

“They are happy, confident young people who are excellent ambassadors for the school”.

ISI Independent Schools Inspectorate, February 2023


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