Admissions Information

‘The children work and play hard at Pembroke House; they have fun and make friends for life.’

- SIS Inspection Report, 2018

Our admissions process is designed to identify pupils who would benefit from our balanced and well-rounded education and make a positive contribution towards the life of the school. We admit pupils at all ages depending on the availability of spaces in the relevant year group. We encourage applications from candidates with a diverse range of backgrounds. Pembroke is committed to equal treatment for all, regardless of a candidate’s race, ethnicity, religion or social background. This enriches our community and is vital in preparing our pupils for today’s world. Although Pembroke has Christian roots, we do not select for entry on the basis of religious belief. However, parents should be aware that there are many areas of school life and the curriculum that focus on Christian teaching, which all pupils are expected to take part in.

We welcome pupils with special educational needs, providing that our Learning Support Department can offer them the support that they require. This includes pupils with physical disabilities, provided that our site can accommodate them. However, we advise parents of pupils with special educational needs or physical disabilities to discuss their child’s requirements with us so that we can make adequate provision for them.

We interview all candidates as part of our assessment process for each age group (apart from Reception). They may also be asked to sit assessment papers in certain subjects and/or Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning tests. Parents or guardians are also required to provide two recent school reports from their child's previous school and the Head may contact the school for further information if required. Additionally, we will also require Safeguarding or Child Protection information from your child’s last school, which our Designated Safeguarding Lead will follow up on.

Most siblings join us at Pembroke, and they are given admission priority when places are restricted. Although our primary intake is at the beginning of the school year in September, we welcome new children at any time during the school year. This is because we understand that differing circumstances may mean that families need to relocate or find a school for their child/ren at short notice. We always encourage families to come and visit the school, and bring their children so they get a taste for Pembroke life, before enrolling - see Personal Visits.

Prospective parents should initially register their child/ren. This isn’t a binding commitment, but secures a place over those pupils who are not registered. There is no registration fee. If you would like to register your child, please complete the form here. Parents need to then pay the one-off joining fee of ksh 150,000, which secures a place at the school for the given year of entry. Should the place not be taken up, the entire joining fee is forfeited. After the pupil's final term at the school, 50% of the joining fee is refunded, provided all obligations are met.

You can read our full Admissions Policy here.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Bursaries are provided to families with a recognised financial difficulty in being able to meet the school’s full fees. Bursaries are means-tested and both parents are required to provide proof of their income and assets. The level of support varies according to parental need. Bursaries are always offered for 12 months at a time. The family is required to provide fresh information about its circumstances for every year that their child attends the school. Levels of support may vary with fluctuations in income and availability of bursary funds, but we ask parents to be aware that we share a bursary pot between as many deserving families as possible and 100% bursaries are not possible. If you would like to apply for a bursary, please complete the form here.

Pembroke may offer scholarships at entrance for excellence in any area. Scholarships are designed to reward and celebrate exceptional talent. In recognition of this achievement, the scholar may be offered a slight reduction in fees for the time they remain a scholar at Pembroke. Parents are asked to indicate on the registration form whether they wish to apply for a scholarship, and potential scholars will then be assessed by the relevant staff members when they come to visit the school. We encourage parents of scholars who anticipate that they will experience difficulty in meeting the balance of the tuition fees, to apply at the same time for one of the school’s means-tested bursaries, when they register their child.


September 2019 - August 2020 Fee Structure

Term Fees

Form Ksh Age in September
Pre-Nursery & Nursery 87,500 1 - 3 years
Reception 163,300 4 years
Year 1 392,400 5 years
Year 2 627,800 6 years
Years 3-8 784,800 7 years+
  • First sibling: 5% reduction on younger sibling’s fees.
  • Second and further siblings: 10% reduction on the youngest sibling’s fees. All sibling discounts are calculated on current pupils only.
  • For Years 1 - 7: Fees are due three times per year at the start of each term: the beginning of September, the beginning of January and the end of April.
  • For Year 8: Fees are due two times per year at the start of the first and second term: the beginning of September and the beginning of January.
  • There is a 3% discount for paying all three terms at the start of September.
  • A monthly ‘standing order’ payment option is available with 1.5% one-off surcharge on total fees.
  • Surcharge of 2.5% on balance 14 days after the first day of term plus a 1.5% interest every month are applied for late payments.
  • Incidental extras (such as postage, San bills, or trips) are billed after they are incurred in the invoice for the next term.
Personal Visits

‘The one and perhaps main reason why I went with Pembroke other than any other school is its promise to give my children the space to be children - a school that is formal yes, but where being a child comes before rehearsed institutionalised forms that schools have become. This is the identity that puts Pembroke apart from other schools.’

- Pembroke Parent

We welcome visits from prospective families at any time during the school term. We like to welcome prospective pupils by fully immersing them in the school day, including wearing a Pembroke uniform, attending lessons, games and other activities with their peers, and spending a night or two in the boarding house. School tours are conducted by pupils, who love to show off their school. There is also an opportunity to meet with the Head and any other relevant staff, to provide more information and answer questions. We usually find that it is the experience of visiting our special school that helps families decide to make the move to Pembroke. Please send an email to to arrange a visit at a time that suits you.

Overseas Experience

‘It was the most incredible experience...I made lots of lifelong friends, I loved being in Africa and I loved taking part in the Hog Charge, Colour Run, Riding and so much more. I will always remember my time at Pembroke House - it is a very special school.’

- Past Overseas Experience student

We welcome pupils from schools abroad to spend a term at Pembroke. We have had many pupils do this in the past, and they have found the experience a hugely enjoyable and worthwhile one. Not only will the pupils be immersed in the life of a different school, they also get to experience the adventure and fun of Africa, and make friendships to last a lifetime. Overseas experience children must have an appointed relative or legal guardian living in Kenya. Please email to talk about an overseas experience at Pembroke for your child.


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