World Book Day 2023

The first Friday of Trinity Term launched with the whole school in costume to celebrate World Book Day, with a ‘Hero and Villain’ theme. The special chapel service was led by Mary Poppins (aka Ms Ronaldson) who read a selection of Seniors ‘snap poems’ written in just 15 minutes on the subject of ‘libraries’ with some really clever (and villainous) metaphors.

Next, we enjoyed watching a montage of ‘Extreme Read’ pictures of the children during their Easter holidays, who were captured reading in wild and wonderful settings – reading on horseback, under palm trees, on their piki bikes, alongside rhino and whilst holding snakes, in only the way Pembroke children can!

Then followed a ‘Staff Shelfie’ where the children were tasked with identifying the teachers from
just pictures of their book shelves or from hiding behind their favourite read. It turns out that you
can tell a great deal about a teacher from their reading material!

After assembly, the children then paraded around Pre’s Lawn to showcase their characterful
costumes, before heading off to the book sale to select some new titles. The rest of the morning the children rotated around a carousel of activities which included a Live Library session of teachers retelling their own life story, a game of hero & villain themed charades inthe theatre, creating superhero story maps, mask making, listening to traditional African tales, dragon drawing and even a ‘Shoot the Title’ game using air rifles.

Thank you to our English Department for such an inspired Book Day celebration and for helping the children to understand the lifelong joy that can come from getting lost inside a good book.