Trinity Term 2020 Letter No_3

 Trinity Term 2020 

Letter from the Headmistress 

No 3 

More Progress, Half Term Tutor Parent meetings, CE Exams, News About Reopening, Assemblies, HMCs & HPs, Music Exams Results, Charlie Mackesey, Half Term dates, Congratulations, Thank you. 

Dear Parents, 

I type this as we are proceeding through week 4. I am not sure that any of us can quite believe the progress we have made. Progress can be measured in so many ways but our children are managing so much better to log in to their classes, find their work, complete their assignments, type faster, find the letters and highlight, underline, copy and paste and so much more…. Well done to all your children! Our teachers are constantly thinking how to teach their classes better and help each child assimilate knowledge and think through things. We all understand it is hard when you are at home and it is easier actually perhaps just to opt out and think of something else when the going gets tough, so we are very pleased with all your children for hanging in there. 

HMCs & HPs 

In response to so much hard work and ‘getting on’ with things I gave out a list of HMCs in my last Assembly. I will add these to the list of HPs and HMCs ready for some stage in the term when we can reward the children with tuck or find some other way to acknowledge their progress, perseverance and commitment. 

Back To School 

We are still waiting to hear what might happen in June and I am no more informed than before. I will of course let you know when I hear and I will send the message out via our WhatsApp broadcast group, so no time is lost and plans can be made. 

CE Exams 

The boxes of papers have arrived and Miss Omell has them safely stored away ready to use at school or send out. Once we hear about how the month of June might play out we will be in touch with plans for the mental maths and the speaking and 

listening French exams followed by the written papers. If we are sending the papers we will of course send them via courier and we will not forget those of you abroad. With long distances we will think carefully about the best way to get the papers to you - and start as early as we can! Try not to let your 

children worry too much. Our children can all only try their best and the most important message for them to take on board is to keep trying their best and take it all step by step. I shall copy Charlie Mackesey’s art work below to inspire you and your children and keep you all going.