Trinity Term 2020 Letter No_2

 Trinity Term 2020 

Letter from the Headmistress No 2 

Progress so far, Thank you, Dates and Half Term, Overseas Pupils & their Challenges, Class Registers, House Point Log, Tutors, ‘Help!’, Online Classroom Etiquette, Assembly. 

Dear Parents, Week 2 

I write to you with week 2 of the term underway. We have all made the most amazing amount of progress. With your help and support your children have managed much online and they can now cope with all manner of instructions from ‘please do mute your microphone’ to ‘please click on classwork and open the document you find there’. Your children have become a little braver at talking on line and work is being completed and ‘turned in’ and all in all, we are getting there.


For the older children with greater technical skills many teachers have found that the progress made so far slightly outstrips what one might expect in the classroom. Obviously, the work is very focused and much of the broader sense of a topic is slightly lost but without a doubt there is much progress being made which is heartening under such very challenging circumstances.


At the same time you as parents have been very helpful passing on feedback of what helps your children and what does not make for a good lesson. We have passed this information on and each teacher will be constantly reviewing such tips and analysing their daily experience of teaching online.

Thank You to our Teachers 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our teachers for the most incredible amount of work and thought. This type of teaching is quite different to classroom work and it has required a considerable amount of learning and adaptation. Without a doubt we will be better teachers when we come out of this pandemic, with more tools and resources up our sleeves, so that is of course a very good thing. 

Thank you to the Admin’ Team

I would also like to thank the admin’ team for keeping us rolling. It is not an easy task making ends meet and trying to get us all to part with our money for school fees and to administer salaries and wages, when the rules and parameters are changing all the time. It is an anxious time for everyone and they are doing a sterling job looking after the interests of us all.


We have decided that with our new online timetable we should work all the days of this week and we will therefore not have a holiday on Friday. However, we are all looking forward to half term and this will be from Saturday 23rd - Sunday 31st May. We will be back into online lessons on Monday 1st June.

School Closure / Opening

On Monday it was announced by the Minister of Education for Kenya that schools would be expected to remain closed, for a further period of one month, from 4th May. This means that at present we would not anticipate opening until the first week of June at the earliest.

Overseas Pupils

As you all know we have many pupils who come to us from other countries: Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, The USA, Germany, the UK and so on. Thus online learning presents some extra challenges here and I am very keen to reward each pupil for getting up at all hours to join their lessons or motivate themselves to work using a recording. I will therefore add an HMC in recognition of their efforts to the house point register, kindly set up by Mr Lovatt.


On that note I should just explain that as well as a register for house points for each child, each teacher will keep a register of who is in their class and there will be a log of sorts, relating to behaviour. This will help us as teachers to keep track of matters and it will give us a greater understanding of how each child is working across the board. 


This information - both the class register and the house point log, will help tutors as they look at the records and try to guide their tutees to overcome any problems or challenges they may be facing. Asking for help is important but not always easy and I copy below a page from Charlie Mackesy’s book about The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. 

Whilst my copy of the book is open perhaps another sensible page to include here is all about one’s perception of how life is supposed to be. 


If this time of the corona pandemic has taught us nothing else it will have taught us that we must make the very best of each day and everything that it brings. 

Classroom Etiquette - Thank you

At this point I would like to thank all your children for being so well mannered and thoughtful during their lessons. They ask to excuse themselves to go to the washroom, they apologise for missing work and much more. This is all excellent and bodes well for their future careers at school, University and beyond.

Please Remember

If the children could also remember to just have some water on hand during lessons that would help a lot. They should not be eating or snacking during class for it distracts both them and the
rest of the class and it is not the right way to behave in lessons. Furthermore, the children should dress neatly and tidily to engender the best work ethic possible. Finally, all the children should be on time for the lesson. This is critical for much time is lost waiting for pupils and if one starts and someone is late it is hard to catch them up without boring and distracting the others. Your support in encouraging your children along these lines would be much appreciated.


As you have seen I have managed to record 2 assemblies and I feel as if I too am making progress. This week we are going to try and have our Head Boy and Head Girl reading to us so that will spice things up a little and keep me on my toes, hopefully mastering that extra little bit of technological ‘know how’!

Good News

Talking of assembly, reminds me to make sure you all know that we were thrilled to hear last week that Edisa Malungu has been awarded two scholarships to Colleges in the USA. This is very exciting and we send Edisa and her family our warmest congratulations.

I think that brings me to the end of Letter No 2.

I hope this week goes well and you all begin to feel a little more confident dealing with the daily timetable of lessons, not to mention the many and varied technical challenges that present themselves.

Please do remember to keep asking for ‘help’.

With very best wishes,

Debs PS Please do scroll down…..