Pembroke Quirks – A Glossary

‘The resident guinea fowl can be found grazing here…’


For such a unique school, it’s not surprising that we have our own ‘quirky’ terminology for the wide array of locations or activities found around our campus;

Boats – a high energy, half termly in-house swimming competition with classes grouped in teams of four (Boats) whose aim is to progress up the league table.  None of us are quite sure of the rules!

The Boatie – a small pond overlooked by the staff room where children love to sail homemade boats or dip their toes

Dam Land-  just beyond the Boatie and next to Mackie House, this is where the children love to make muddy dams before showers in the evening

Dinky Safari – an annual race, where children build their own small safari cars with outlandish names and carefully guide them (both day and night!) along a course that includes crossing the swimming pool and golf course.

The Forestry – alongside the sports pitches, this woodland is used for mountain biking, cross country trail running and exercising the ponies.  Adventure Learning takes place in this area along with any excuse for a night spent under canvas in the camp. Parents are also welcome to bring a tent and camp out during key school events

Gibson’s Folly –The girls’ common room, which is the perfect spot for chatting and hot cocoa before bed.

Head’s Hub – originally the Head Teacher’s House, the Hub offers nightly accommodation for visiting parents; is home to our Uniform Shop and the garden is often used as a delightful entertaining space

The Martlet – found at the school’s entrance, our own café offers a meeting point for staff, parents and the local community.  With relaxing sofas, a covered terrace and a delicious menu, the café is a welcoming space to work or catch up with friends – particularly the four legged variety, as dogs are known to outnumber other café visitors. The resident guinea fowl can often be found grazing here too.

Mackie House – the boys boarding house fondly named after Leo Mackie, a former teacher. Adjacent to Mackie House is the Mackie Shack. This building is used as a communal space for the boys to relax, complete with table football and mezzanine, ideally suited to movie watching.

Opie’s Pavilion – named after David Opie, a former Head from 1970, this is the sports pavilion in the middle of the pitches, which provides respite from the sun and from where a delicious match tea is served.

Pre’s Lawn – an immaculate oval shaped lawn located in front of the main library, where prefects and Y8’s can relax on benches and watch the buzz of school life, particularly the children racing by on the skateboard, scooter and wobble board track.

Scholes House – the girls boarding house names after Sue Scholes and nestled next to the school chapel, where bi-weekly assemblies kick start the day with a hymn, address from the Head emphasising the importance of manners and match reports are read out.

Shack Land – close to the railway bridge, on an elevated bank, children can be found building dens from the natural materials around them.  Competition is fierce and the designs can get elaborate.

Sorting Hat – A familiar term for all Harry Potter fans, each child is ‘sorted’ during their first chapel service by Mrs Boyd-Moss and the ‘hat’ which offers her a magical insight to the children’s minds and determines which House they should be placed in!

The Trickle – a small stream adjacent to the playing fields where children gather during Free Time