News & Events

Pembroke is a hugely busy school, and there is always so much happening.

This is what’s been going on recently:

🏕️Year 7 Camping and Team Building 🏕️

Our year 7s had a fun weekend of camping and team building, which is an annual tradition for our year 7 pupils. They made delicious damper bread over the fire for breakfast and then headed to Malewa for a day of team building and team work. Everybody really enjoyed the bonding time with their friends!

Bonfire Night

As we celebrated our annual Bonfire Night, there was excitement in the air. The bonfire is always lit by the youngest full boarding boy and girl, along with the Head boy and Head girl. With sparklers and glow sticks for the children and delicious food, and a superb fireworks display, the Bonfire Night at Pembroke House was …

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Orchestral Weekend

Turi hosted the most incredible orchestral weekend which 8 of our pupils attended with our wonderful Mrs MM. There were over 130 pupils from schools all across Kenya who attended the weekend. It started with various workshops for the different instruments and culminated in a performance with all the children ...

Simba’s came to visit!

The Kenyan Rugby Team, the Simbas, came to visit Pembroke House School. They spent the weekend preparing for the upcoming match in Dubai, but took some time out to work with the pupils from both Pembroke House and Restart. As you can see everybody had a wonderful weekend and we ...

🏕️Year 3 Camping🏕️

Our year 3s enjoyed a fun night sleeping in the school Forestry. Setting up tents, playing Spotlight, roasting marshmallows over the fire and making damper bread for breakfast in the morning, eaten warm with butter and jam, are all part of the special time spent with friends.

Year 8 Eburru Trip

The Year 8s will be climbing Mount Kenya in the Lent term as part of their Post Common Entrance Trips, and to start the preparation for this difficult climb, they went hiking and camping in Eburru. This is good preparation not only physically, but also to ensure the children understand ...