Michaelmas Term 2022 No. 3

Michaelmas Term 2022

Letter from the Headmistress

No. 3

IAPS Sports Tours
House and Dorms Protocol
Pick Up and Drop Off Times
Pembroke House Sports Tour to the UK
Sports Camp with Swimming 5th-8th January' 23
Upcoming Events and Activities
Please ask for help

Dear Parents,

With week 4 well underway, there is definitely news to share.

Our first award of the year has come through and, on Monday in Chapel, I had the greatest pleasure in announcing that Digby Nightingale has been awarded an All Rounder Scholarship to Gordonstoun. Well done, Digby!

IAPS Sports Tours
On Monday we also heard news of who had been successful in gaining a place in the IAPS teams, going to the UK at the end of the Lent Term. Archie Camm, Jack Foxton and Lionel Laurence will be representing Kenya, playing in the Rosslyn Park 7s Competition. The girls from Pembroke House chosen to represent Kenya on the Netball Tour are Michaela Kiptoo and Vesper Murray. This is very exciting news: we look forward to supporting our players in the coming months and following the tour parties closely when the time comes.

The Houses
I have just recycled our Covid signs to be placed outside the Houses. The signs look a little like the one below and please could we ask you to kindly seek permission before going into Dorms or very kindly wait for your child outside. Dorms are busy places and, so often, children are getting changed for one reason or another. We are not being unfriendly, but if you could respect this protocol, it will protect you as much as the children.


School Timings 
Dropping Off
For those children who have spent the night at home, please could we ask you to very kindly bring your children into school for 7.40 am. This allows them to play their part, take responsibility for their areas in dorms and help get everything ready for morning ‘dorm Inspection’. This then means they are ready for the next activity and it encourages teamwork and punctuality.  If for any reason you are late into school, please drop by the office and let Terry know your child has arrived.  This helps with registration.

Pick Up Times
The best time to collect your children, should they be going home in the evening, is 5.20pm. This means they have plenty of ‘play time’ and they leave as their friends go into dorms for showers.

Extra Fixtures
We have some additional cricket fixtures this Friday at Kenton.
1st XI Boys Cricket v Kenton
1st VIII Girls Cricket v Kenton
Both matches will start at 1:15pm.

Please make a mental note that there is a new area for visitors' parking outside the Kenton gates, so please do seek advice from the askaris on where exactly this might be and perhaps allow some time to find this parking spot.

Pembroke House Sports Tour
Lent Term 2023
This year, the sports tour will head to the UK in the first week or so of next term. The boys and girls will play hockey. We are just trying to organise the group flights and, as soon as we have confirmed the dates, we will let you know. Trials will take place around half term to decide which children will make up the teams.

Why UK?
We have chosen the UK for our trip this year because we went on tour to South Africa last time and this gives you, our parents, an opportunity to perhaps visit schools and explore the UK (and all it might have to offer) for that next stage of schooling after Pembroke House.

Why the Lent Term?
The sports we play do not tie in with UK schools very well. In the Michaelmas term we play cricket and the UK plays rugby. In the Trinity term, we play rugby and the UK schools play cricket. This means that the Lent term fits in best with hockey being played.

Sports Camp with Swimming Coaching
In order to accelerate the children’s readiness for the fixtures ahead, we propose to hold a sports camp here at school for those in the tour party, and other children who would like to join, at the end of the Christmas holidays. We are fortunate that term starts on Monday 9th January so there is some time in the week prior to the start of term to fit in a sports camp. We anticipate that the sports camp will be from Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th January and this will also include swimming coaching.

Mount Kenya Trip Year 8
This will take place over the first part of half term in February.

Upcoming Events & Fixtures
Friday 30th September
1st XI Boys Cricket v Kenton (a)
1st VIII Girls Cricket v Kenton (a)
Both matches will start at 1:15pm
Saturday 1st October
U11 Girls & Boys Football Tournament Brookhouse (a)
Year 8 Hiking Trip
Sunday 2nd October
Stowe Putter
Gilgil Golf Club
Monday 3rd October
Athletics Up Country Warm Up
Pembroke House
Wednesday 5th October
Maths Challenge Kenton College (a)
Thursday 6th October
U9 Boys & Girls Football Tournament
Braeburn Garden Estate (a)
Friday 7th October  
1st Boys Football Training Match v Banda (h)
Saturday 8th October
1st Girls Football Tournament at Brookhouse (a)
1st Boys Football Tournament St Andrews (a)
Year 3 Camping in the Forestry
Tuesday 11 th October - Friday 14th October
Parent Tutor Meetings at school or online
Friday 14th October
Boats 2.30pm
Children may leave for half term after Boats
Saturday 15th October
Half term begins
Wednesday 26th October
School starts with Chapel at 9 am

As a school, we quite understand that there will always be matters concerning school where you will need some help and guidance. Please do feel free to contact me or any of the staff to seek guidance over matters at school. Please remember that your child’s form taker or tutor would expect you to get in touch for help and then, of course, there are the House staff along with Terry and MJ in the office.  I am also very happy to answer any query whatsoever. We are most fortunate with WhatsApp which is really so quick and easy nowadays, and please do feel free to just ring.

Terry admin@pembrokehouse.sc.ke
+254 727 267 642
MJ registrar@pembrokehouse.sc.ke
+254 722 526 374

Having read this letter, please practise asking and do get in touch should you have any queries whatsoever!

With very best wishes,


Mrs Deborah Boyd Moss MA (Cantab) PGCE
Pembroke House
+ 254 (0) 720 602 483