Michaelmas Term 2020 No 9

Michaelmas Term 2020
Letter from the Headmistress

No 9

Good News from The President,
The Restoration of Well-Being for our School Community, A Welcome Awaits; the school grounds, Planning, A ‘Talk’ tomorrow at 12 Noon, The Break, the Resumption of Online Learning, Revision, Exams, Tutor Parent Meetings, the Final Week of Term, Final Assembly, A Christmas Performance, Reports The New Year

Dear Parents,

New Hope with the New Year 2021

Yesterday, in the most recent Presidential address to the Nation, we heard that we can now look forward to the reopening of schools across all year groups in January. This means we can all look forward to starting school on Monday 11th January 2020.

The Virus

However, the news in relation to the virus in Kenya and worldwide remains a concern. Fortunately, we have worked hard to put everything in place for the new term and we continue to seek the best way forward to keep the whole school community as safe as possible. Should we feel we need to make any changes to our school protocols we will update you nearer the time.


We are all aware of the tremendous toll this state of affairs has had on our children and young people and we are all desperate to get back to school and into the classroom, the theatre, the Music school and the Art room and of course onto the sports field!

The Grounds

The School grounds have had an unprecedented rest and consequently they are looking truly beautiful. They are all ready to welcome the children back and shack land awaits with all manner of new hide-outs for the taking! Around the school buildings the agapanthus and geraniums have bloomed like never before, revelling in the absence of exploring hands tweaking and pulling at their flowers. The grass is rich and lush throughout and our little school seems to have turned into its own rather special conservation area with bat eared foxes setting up their dens around the playing fields, pairs of dikdik settled in the bush, a family of bushbuck grazing like ponies in the paddock and the usual mongoose and birds all living happily within our electric fence. Mr Aung and his team have worked hard keeping the trickle cleared and stocked and Mr Cork has kindly overseen the pigeons and guinea fowl. So, all in all there is so much for the children to look forward to and enjoy once they arrive.

A Talk
Friday 6th November

Tomorrow we are very lucky to have a talk from Stephanie Dloniak. The talk, which will be all about ‘nature’ and what we can learn from studying the natural world, will be in our assembly meeting room at 12 noon. Please do join us for this.

The Break

As we finish this week we have a week’s break ahead of us.

Return to online lessons
Monday 16th November

We all return to online school on Monday 16th November. This Monday will actually have Friday’s lessons since Friday 20th is a ‘well being’ Friday. The one difference is that we will have our usual school assembly on this day.

Monday 16th November 2020
8P’s Assembly

On this day I will be joined by Mr Percival and 8P for their assembly. Our topic this term and next is ‘The Environment & Conservation’ so we will wait and see what 8P is going to teach us. Please do join the assembly with your children to see what is going on. We have upgraded our Google membership so hopefully no one will be evicted from the meeting! Apologies to anyone who has experienced this up to now.

Thank you to 8S

I must take this opportunity to thank 8S and Mrs Surtees for their super assembly last Monday which focussed on the Octopus Teacher. 8S spoke very well indeed and we had our eyes opened to the incredible intelligence and the world of the Octopus.


The week beginning Monday 16th November will be a revision week. Each teacher is very keen to support and guide the children so that they can ‘do’ their very best in each of their assessments. Thus it is very important that the children accomplish all tasks set and ask along the way if there is anything they do not understand. The tutors are there to help in this respect so please do encourage your children to reach out and ask for help if they need it.


Exams begin on Monday 23rd November. All exams will be online and the teacher will be there to invigilate and support the children throughout the process.

Year 8s

The Year 8s will also have their exams online and they will have a separate exam timetable. The exams will be CE questions to prepare the children for what lies ahead later in the year.

Exams in the Sports Hall

However we are aware that there are many Year 8s who could come to school and sit their exams ‘live’ in the sports hall as in other years. Therefore school will be open to Year 8s for this week and we will offer break lunch and tea to make the exam days a little more enjoyable and normal.

Tutor Parent Meetings

The week beginning 30th November will be one of results and learning from mistakes made. At the same time we will begin to arrange online Parent/Tutor meetings so that we can discuss all aspects of your child’s learning, their accomplishments and the areas where they need to focus for the coming term.

The Final Week

This week will have lessons in the morning and then as many fun activities in the afternoon as possible. We will also have our final assembly as well as a Christmas performance to look forward to.

The End of Term

The End of Term will be after the final assembly on the morning of Friday 11th December.


School reports should be with you by Wednesday 16th December

Staff Changes

Due to an unforeseen change at home, Charlie Maidment, our wonderful Head of French, is leaving us at the end of this term. He will be returning to his family farm to begin to take up the reins. We have all really enjoyed having Mr Maidment amongst us and he has brought much expertise, wit and good humour to Pembroke House. He will return with his puppy, Pickett, a Ridgeback who could well find the weather in Blighty a little fresh!

In January we will welcome John Wright, our new Head of French. John will also teach Latin come September 2021 and it will be exciting to reintroduce this traditional subject. John joins us from Swanbourne House with his wife Lucy and their two children Olive and Freddie.

Reaching Out

Please be very kind and get in touch with us over anything that might be a cause for concern or a thought or an idea that you feel should reach us. With your help and support we can address any scenarios or situations where attention is needed and we can improve matters for all concerned.

With very best wishes to you all,


Mrs Deborah Boyd Moss MA (Cantab) PGCE
Pembroke House
+ 254 (0) 720 602 483