Michaelmas Term 2020 No 3

Michaelmas Term 2020
Letter from the Headmistress

No 3

Online Learning
Screen Free Wellbeing Fridays

Dear Parents,

Online learning has begun and very well done to you all for managing. Nearly all our children are up and running and have slotted back into their classes like professionals, clicking here, searching there, opening, commenting and generally doing very well indeed. Our teachers have sloughed off the moth balls and they too are remembering all the little tricks and clever ways to sort out problems, remembering how to help the lessons be as engaging as possible and flow seamlessly, keeping hitches to a minimum.

Well done to everyone!

Online Learning has begun.....!!
Screen Free Wellbeing Fridays

So this letter is to herald our first ….‘Screen Free Wellbeing’ Friday.

We arranged these days to encourage all families to find some way to help their children meet up with friends and enjoy themselves. There are no lessons on these days and you are free to use the day as you see fit. We thought you may go for a picnic, invite friends round and play some games, perhaps put a tent up in the garden for an overnight stay, set off on a bike ride or a walk or perhaps even manage a safari, meeting other families over the course of the weekend.

However, we do understand that we are all struggling at the moment to make ends meet and find a way to cope so such a suggestion may be one step too far. Therefore, I post a list of ideas that might work to make this Friday fun for the children …..
 Walks in forests or on the beach
  • Swimming and outdoor games
  • Baking
  • Washing the car
  • Safari trips
  • Go fishing
  • Make a bow and arrow or catapult - from how far away can you hit a target
  • Music practice
  • Bedroom and wardrobe clearout
  • Reading, colouring or listening to music
  • Make the family a whole meal from start to finish
  • See how many different species you can identify within a square 10m
  • Google a Science experiment and see if you can do it - Crystal making, slime making...
  • https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/parenting/g32176446/science-experiments-for-kids/ - this is 23 Easy Science Experiments at home for Kids
  • New design for the layout of your bedroom
  • https://www.pbs.org/parents/crafts-and-experiments/create-your-own-board-game https://www.pbs.org/parents/crafts-and-experiments/create-your-own-board-game - Create your own board game - send us pictures of the whole family playing it - who won?
  • Learn a new card game and teach it to the rest of the family.Canasta is a great card game for all ages!
  • Complete a difficult puzzle in a day
  • Build a treehouse or shack
  • Build a bird table - how many birds can you spot in half an hour? Keep a record over the next few weeks.
  • Take the dog on a picnic - make the picnic yourself!
  • Send 5 postcards to different people you really miss and tell them why
  • Make someone a cake who lives nearby and who you know would appreciate it
  • Learn how to do origami or make paper planes - which one flies the farthest
  • Trick shots - video yourself doing crazy trick shots, like throwing a ball into a bin, over your head, while blind folded
  • Build a dinky car - you have a lot more time to do this now!
  • Keep a diary (written or video) of your week and all these strange times we live in - it will be interesting to look back on what you had to say in ten years
  • Use these Fridays to produce and edit a film to show your family or tutor group at the end of the term
Film Making….
I have to say this is quite a list and I hope something here might inspire you.
These offline days will take place on alternate Fridays:
September 11th & 25th, October 16th & 30th, November 20th and December 4th.
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Assembly No 1
Just before I sign off I just wanted to add that it was so lovely to see everyone in our assembly on Monday with me presenting from our Christina Chapel. It really is so exciting to see so many children logging on and being able to talk to everyone and welcome our pupils from all over Kenya and much further afield as well. Thank you for joining me and I look forward to Assembly No 2 this coming Monday.
Reaching Out
You have been most proactive about getting in touch with any problems you are experiencing so thank you for allowing us to help. Please continue to phone, WhatsApp, email or text in relation to anything at all where you might need some help.

With very best wishes,


Mrs Deborah Boyd Moss MA (Cantab) PGCE
Pembroke House
+ 254 (0) 720 602 483