Michaelmas Term 2020 No 11

Michaelmas Term 2020
Letter from the Headmistress

No 11

Good afternoon everyone

This is a very quick update of what is going on to keep us going until the final letter of the term!

Parent Tutor Meetings

I hope you have managed to meet up with your child’s tutor and that the meeting was helpful.


This week lessons will take place in the mornings only. In the afternoons we have some Christmas activities. This link will let you know what is going on…..


Christmas Celebration

We hope that our Christmas celebration will be all ready for 6pm on Thursday. This will be a combination of Christmas carols, the traditional Bible readings from our Prefects and some scenes from the Nativity presented by our Juniors.

Final Assembly

This will be broadcast live, ‘online’ from the Christina Chapel on Friday at 9am. We will post the recording as always for those who are unable to join us that morning.

Christmas Games

We are very sorry that the children will miss their Christmas Games this year. These are always a highlight and looked forward to with much anticipation and excitement. However, we are making plans to move the games to the end of next term and they will then, of course, be our Easter Games!

Covid Protocols

We continue to work with Dr Asiago, our school doctor, to make sure that we have the most sensible protocols in place ready for our return to school in January. We will update you in the New Year with anything new and also send you our ‘Back To School’ booklet to refresh your memories ready for the new term.


Exams have been taken, assessments have been marked, tracking meetings have been conducted and now reports are being written. Hopefully, the reports should reach you towards the latter part of next week.

Back To School

We will be returning to school on Monday 11th January. Seniors should aim to arrive at 2.30 pm, Middles at 3.30 pm and Juniors at 4.30 pm. This will allow us to ensure social distancing throughout the school during the afternoon. Please do not worry too much about exact timings as there will always be the challenges of the journey to deal with.

Final Letter of the Term

As I have explained this will wing its way into your ‘inboxes’ next week, once I have all the details from the Final Assembly and I have added any extra news to keep you all up to date.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any queries or concerns.

Until next week,

With very best wishes,


Mrs Deborah Boyd Moss MA (Cantab) PGCE
Pembroke House
+ 254 (0) 720 602 483