Michaelmas Term 2019 Letter from the Headmistress No 1

 The New Academic Year, Safeguarding, School Counsellor, Prefects, New Staff, New Positions, Congratulations, The PHF, Holiday Work & Initiatives, Community Involvement, The Head’s Hub, The School Shop, Photographs, Next Schools, Things to Remember: telephones, naming, pencil cases, letter writing pads and envelopes, changes and important dates for your diary, Matters on your Mind. 

Appendices: Music results from the holidays, Final Assembly, Speech Day & Scholarship round up. 

The New Academic Year 

Embracing Change. 

Something we learn as we get older is that change is both inevitable and often challenging. I am aware that my appointment has been part and parcel of such a process and with this, my third term at Pembroke House, I also know how very heartfelt adapting to new circumstances can be. 

However, with change of course comes opportunity and we have a super line up of new staff and teachers arriving to pick up the reins and take the school forward. I continue with the new staff list now and I am excited to be able to introduce each one of our new teachers, in turn below. 

From a chronological point of view the awards and scholarships and academic results would be mentioned first. However, given that these awards, achievements and scholarships were all announced during the course of the final Assembly and then Speech Day I have added the list at the end of the letter as an appendix. Please do scroll down to recap over what was a very busy and exciting time and you will be reminded of how very well your children performed over the course of the year. 

Included in this list are the results from the Music exams last term. I attach these in appendix l and these are new results yet to be announced at school. The Final Assembly and Speech Day details are in appendix ll. 

Good Luck to our Leavers & Thank you 

May I take this opportunity on your behalf to wish all our leavers from last term the very best as they start their new schools. I know you would also like to join me in thanking all the teachers at Pembroke House for their quite unique commitment, time and dedication to each and every child at school. 


The International Child Protection Agency 

Safeguarding is always at the very forefront of our minds. The threats of our modern-day world are many and as a school we are determined to safeguard, protect and teach our children to cope with such concerns in the very best way possible. This central tenet of the school’s determination, to place safeguarding at the very centre of all the school is about, will be supported over the coming months by the International Child Protection Agency, who have been contracted to oversee our safeguarding practices and carry out refresher training for all staff. 

The extra training is crucial to keep all staff up to date with all information pertaining to safeguarding. In January the school will also undergo a 5 day, safeguarding and child protection audit. 

Safeguarding at School 

Our new Designated Safeguarding Lead is Evonne Wheeler. Evonne has been part of the safeguarding team for the last 2 years and thus she has gained considerable experience along the way. Evonne’s Deputy will be Alastair Littleton. The safeguarding team will be part of the broader Pastoral Team made up of Edmund Lovatt as DHM (pastoral) and myself as Headmistress. Ann Gatonye is the new Safeguarding Lead on Council and we are most grateful to her for taking on this extra responsibility. We have already had a full hand over from the outgoing team and a comprehensive training session from Gordon Opie, our licensed Safe Guarding Educator, from the UK. 


We believe that the opportunity to benefit from the help of a counsellor is an increasingly important part of offering a balanced upbringing and a sound education. With this in mind we were very keen to have a counsellor at school, at least once a week to begin with, to help pupils, parents and hopefully, if we have time, members of the Gilgil community. Charlie Collins has kindly agreed to join us. Charlie is based in Nanyuki and already well known to many. 

Charlie is a qualified Rogerian Psychologist and Five Element Acupuncturist, she trained and is accredited in UK. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of psychology and 15 years in acupuncture. She holds a BA Hons in Person Centred Counselling and an MSc in contemporary Person Centred psychotherapy. 

Charlie’s core areas of work in the UK were Trauma, Eating Disorders, Anxiety and depression. Within private practice she has also worked heavily with Families and Children, Adolescents and Adults through group sessions and one on one through communication and horse assisted therapy. 

If you would like to contact Charlie independently her e mail is Charlie_coll@hotmail.com and her phone number is +254720291889 

New Staff 

Edmund Lovatt 

We are most fortunate that Edmund has agreed to return for what will be his second tour of duty at Pembroke House. Up until now Edmund has managed to stay in touch with all matters to do with school through a busy and involved position on Council. He now re-joins us as DHM pastoral and Head of RS. For the last 3 years Edmund has been at Belhaven Hill in Scotland and I know he has thoroughly enjoyed his time there. However, like us all Edmund knows there is something truly special about Pembroke House and Pembroke children and thus despite the many advantages of teaching and living in the UK, we have managed to persuade him to join us once more. 

Paulah Onyango 

Paulah is also returning and we are thrilled that she has agreed to be our Assistant Housemistress in Mackie House living downstairs with the younger boys. Paulah is also a very experienced Pre-Prep teacher and she will take on our Reception Class. 

Neil Davidson 

Neil returns as well, and this time Neil will take up the reins as Head of the English Department although he will also teach some Science. I have not worked with Neil before, but it was clear when I joined the team, recruiting the school’s new staff, that he was held in the highest esteem. On this occasion I will be part of the English Department, so I look forward to working closely with Neil as the coming months progress. 

Henry Snow 

Henry joins us from Beaudesert Prep School in the UK. Like many Pembroke staff Henry is somewhat multitalented: a History specialist, a Maths teacher and passionate about his sport, especially rugby, Henry will be our Assistant Director of Sport working closely with Ben Hudson and he will teach in the Middle and Senior part of the school. 

Charles Maidment 

Charlie heard much about Pembroke House from Jack Chatfield who left last year. He had longed to teach in Kenya for a while having heard much of the country from his parents, who were married here. With Jack’s encouragement he applied to us. Charlie himself went to Radley, loves his modern languages and joins us as Head of French. 

Rebecca Rayner 

Becca will be our new Drama Teacher. She herself went to Windlesham Prep School where Richard Foster has been Headmaster for 12 years. (Richard was HM at PH in the 1980s). Becca returned to teach at Windlesham and then continued to teach drama at Gresham’s Prep School and she now leaves Pangbourne College to join us at Pembroke. She is passionate about Drama and all it can give to a child. She believes strongly that drama really helps to build a child’s confidence and gives them so much as they grow up. 

Lilian Oyaro 

Lilian Oyaro, qualified with a Degree in Education and well experienced with three years at St Andrew’s Turi joins us to help as a Teaching Assistant in the Junior School and as an Assistant in the Boarding Houses. 

Annabelle Coulson 

Annabelle was once our Head Girl. Since then she has been to Marlborough and gone on to complete her teaching qualification with the highly regarded and challenging Teach First Programme in the UK. We are most fortunate that Annabelle would like to join us for this coming term, and we look forward to all she will bring to Pembroke House. Annabelle will be an Assistant Housemistress in Scholes House and she will teach some PHSE and RS along with helping to organise and develop our swimming squad. 

Caroline Kennedy 

An army marches on its stomach and this also perfectly describes Pembroke House. Thus, I would like you to take special note of this paragraph and appreciate how fortunate we have been to secure Caroline’s return. This will be Caroline’s third tour of duty at school. We are all so excited that she is coming back and look forward to the really delicious meals we know her team will produce and an exciting menu for each week – no pressure, Caroline! 

Visiting Staff 

Duncan Ratemo 

Duncan comes to us this term as a qualified PE instructor, who has specialised in swimming coaching. Duncan will gain valuable experience working at Pembroke House whilst contributing specialised stroke technique to our swimmers and particularly our swimming squad. 

Other staff changes 

Housemaster of Mackie House – Alastair Littleton 

With Edmund Lovatt returning as Deputy Headmaster and also as our Head of RS we are aware that he will be extremely busy. Thus, Alastair Littleton has kindly agreed to take on the role of Housemaster of Mackie House remaining living ‘in’ upstairs, where he was last year. However, Mr Lovatt and I, will both be fully involved in the boarding side of life at Pembroke House, for it is an area we both believe is fundamental to the future success of the school. 

Pre-Nursery Teacher - Celina Ritchie 

It is exciting to welcome Celina back and now with young Milo at home Celina knew she would like to take on a role at school which would allow her more time with him. Thus, the move to the Pre-Nursey class is an ideal one. She joins a very vibrant team with Paulah Onyango, teaching the Reception year group, Emily Rowe teaching the Nursery group and Diana Johnson in Year 1 which is very much a transitional year between the Pre-prep and Junior part of the school. 


I believe there has not been a formal note to congratulate Ben Hudson and Hannah Shoukry on the announcement of their engagement. They are to be married around Easter 2020 and we all wish them much excitement and happiness in the run up to the big day. 

Celina and Eddie Ritchie must also be congratulated. Milo was born about 5 months ago now and we are most fortunate that Celina will now join us again but this time, as mentioned above, in the pre prep area of the school to teach the very young nursery children. 

The Pembroke House Foundation 

The Pembroke House Foundation under the guidance of Bryn Llewelyn as Chairman and MJ Nuijten-Coulson as Vice Chairman, has worked hard over the last year and a half to raise money and support many very useful projects at school. The list includes: drying lines for wet weather, security cameras, 20 new chrome books for the classroom come September, 20 new tarpo tents to accommodate even the largest year group at school, the café wall being built over the holidays, a pre prep classroom also being built as I type and a container to help streamline operations in the kitchen, a container for storage of various items of merchandise, the rehabilitation of the spring and the reorganisation and clean up of the IT network. The Spring is a vital source of fresh water for the school and this project has helped the spring produce 30% more water than before. The rehabilitation project has also allowed us to keep the water clear from contaminants. The network clean-up is vital to help allow all the school’s systems to operate smoothly and with the best speeds possible. In addition, the chromebooks, a very exciting IT initiative, will need the best connection possible to allow the children to fully benefit. 

All the projects have been fully funded by the PHF but I know Bryn and MJ would like to join me and thank Chantal the school’s Bursar and Ben Cork for their help and support with managing the projects and bringing them to successful completion. 

Holiday Projects 

The Café Wall 

With the café as a very popular area for parents, teachers and children when accompanied for a treat the school has been aware that the area is quite close to the school road. Whilst not overly busy we felt this wall would help with the general safety of the children and at the same time it would improve the overall ambience of the area. 

The Pre-Prep Classroom 

With the Pre-Prep growing by the term the school was well aware it needed an extra teaching / learning area. Thanks to the PHF the Pre-Nursery group will now have their very own classroom. 

The Network clean up 

The IT network began many years ago when our life with computers took off. Thus, it has mushroomed and grown as the school has become more and more reliant on this part of modern-day life. In todays’ world everyone needs increased speed of operation and Pembroke House and its children and staff is no different. This clean up asked for by the school and funded by the PHF will help a great deal and we are all very excited by it. 

The Kitchen 

The school was fortunate indeed to enjoy the help of Touffik Najjar, last term. Touffik is an experienced and accomplished chef and restauranteur and last term he kindly applied himself to the school kitchens, mentoring the staff and looking into ways to stream line activities in order to help the kitchen produce the great numbers of covers it produces each day. Caroline always used to refer to her ‘a la carte’ menu and if one thinks about this it is not far from the truth. If you take into account the regular demands of the dining room and then add in the special meals for the San, the various food allergies or requests that parents make along these lines, added together with the packed lunches, teas, breaks and evening cocoa, the kitchen really is under the most enormous amount of pressure each day. The addition of a refurbished container to serve as a store will give extra capacity to the engine room of the school and allow work activities to be more streamlined and thus this important place of work should now be able to operate more smoothly. 

Tarpo Tents 

The first 10 tents were much appreciated by children and staff alike. Camping and the outdoors is so much a part of all that the school is about, and we felt 10 more tents would allow the school to cope with each year group and would support the school in just the right way. Hopefully the second delivery of 10 hardwearing and strong tents from Tarpo will arrive for the beginning of term in September. 

Community Involvement 

The Pro FA Football Camp 

Thanks very much to Sammy Likoko and his proactive determination to arrange this Charity Event, Pembroke House was very happy to host the Pro FA Kenya football camp with Harmbee Schools Kenya. 

This is an initiative with Harambee Schools Kenya (HSK) to create a community football team from local schools, giving young boys and girls the opportunity to focus their time and learn key skills. 

The camp is run by our very own Sammy Likoko who, alongside his team of coaches, made it a great success with lots of smiles and memories made. HSK CEO Amie Willenberg said she was ‘very proud of what they had created and incredibly grateful for Pembroke’s generous support and encouragement to continue’. 

Further Community Involvement 

My visit to Gordonstoun reminded me of the work of Kurt Hahn who believed that children should feel that they are really making a meaningful contribution to life. Kurt Hahn believed a real sense of contribution and involvement were vital for the development of humanity. At Gordonstoun the school has its very own fire brigade as well as their own yacht – Ocean Spray. 

Over the course of the coming year we hope to become more involved with Restart in Gilgil, along with other projects in the local area. Feeling part and parcel of such important work will add much, we hope to the lives of local people and it will also contribute much to our own lives at Pembroke House. 

Initiatives at School 

Planet Bofa 

The school is purchasing Planet Bofa which is an on-line programme to practise verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Many schools nowadays use such testing to assist them with assessing potential pupils prior to Common Entrance. Practice always helps and Planet Bofa should allow us to help the children and it is also perceived by children as a relatively enjoyable exercise! 


Prep is a very useful time for the children and staff. Teachers can understand exactly what the children can manage working independently. Children in turn learn to and puzzle things out alone and answer set questions without being able to always seek extra help. Up until now this exercise has been supervised by the teachers on duty and Year 8s. As you can imagine, despite the best intentions of all involved this can be a challenging exercise, taking place as it does after supper and at the end of the day. 

The general levels of excitement tend to be quite high and managing the hour so devoted to Prep can be quite difficult. 

To this end we will start term off with a teacher in place overseeing each classroom. Hopefully staff can have a productive hour marking or preparing for the following day and the children can settle down to their tasks quickly and sensibly. A teacher will also be more easily on hand to help if children get stuck and to provide useful feedback for those that set prep should difficulties arise. 

Water Bottles 

We hope to cut down on the use pf plastic at school and using metal water bottles seems to be a very sensible ‘next step’. These water bottles will also be much more hygienic than plastic ones with small spouts and the school’s plastic cups. The metal water bottles will also be easier for the kitchen team to clean each week and they will not be dangerous should they break like glass bottles. The popular Chilly water bottles can now be ordered from our school shop ‘The Clothing Company East Africa’ and if ordered before term starts, they will be ready for the beginning of term. You may well have your own metal water bottle but if not please do order one through the shop. 

The School Shop 

The Clothing Company East Africa 

This is owned and run by Katie Keith and Mandy Hancock. They have worked tirelessly to source the best materials and designs to support our uniform. The school is very excited to be able to provide a designated room for the Shop at The Head’s Hub and I hope you all approve, love the uniform and enjoy your visits. Please do also visit the School Shop website and social media sites using the details below. 


Instagram: the_clothing_company_ea 

Katie Keith +254 727 731 241 

Mandy Hancock +254 706 589 038 

The Head’s Hub 

Since Robin and I live about 3 minutes’ drive from the school gates we felt it would benefit the school to use the Head’s House as an administrative and entertainment centre. As I have explained we have invited the School Shop to take up one of the rooms in the house. This means parents can pop down or even children can visit to purchase new items of uniform or get second hand uniform and recycle their own old uniform. The School Shop will also kindly sell merchandise for the PHF. 

B & B 

The Heads Hub will have 2 distinct areas of accommodation for B & B. We feel this will help many parents with somewhere to stay and it will also support parents and children ‘trying out’ the school in those early days. 

Entertainment & Meetings 

The Head’s house was given quite a make-over for the arrival of Jason and Cathy Brown and as such it will make an ideal location for lunches, evening affairs and parties. The new parents’ tea on Sunday will take place at the house. Council meetings and other school forums will also take place at the Head’s Hub. 


For now, whilst we work out the intricacies of running the Hub, please could you contact me and copy in Katrina, our Registrar, if you would like to book a room for B & B. 


Chala Cadot takes the most, lovely photos and we have used one of her photographs at the beginning of this Letter. Please do contact Chala if you would like to arrange photographs of your children at school when they are in matches and taking part in other school activities. 

Details for the contacts etc are as follows: 

website: www.chalacadotphotography.com 

Email: cadot313@gmail.com 

Number: 0708373365 


I wonder if I could ask all parents and guardians to get in touch with me headmistress@pembrokehouse.sc.ke if you would like your child to miss school for any reason. I absolutely understand the many pressures on families and the variety of demands that you are trying to juggle. Thus, if I can give you permission I most definitely will. I will however, also inform you of any immediate consequences just in case this knowledge might actually be useful and actually serve to change your plans. 

Gate Passes 

For parents and children, we understand that gate passes are somewhat frustrating and time consuming. However, the school takes its responsibility to look after and safeguard your children very seriously. Please could you endeavour to seek a gate pass from the House staff. With some forethought an e mail to your Houseparent will help here, and you may find that your child appears, as if by magic, gate pass in hand and this will cut down a great deal of time hunting down the necessary staff. Getting in touch with the House staff is so helpful for us as a school since the House staff are the ones who must know which child is in and which child is out and why. 


May we remind you that all phones must be the simple ‘bricks’ merely capable of text message and calls. Smart phones of any type are strictly forbidden. This protects your children, both from the dangers of the internet and strangers contacting them but it also protects the children from the addiction to hours on their phone staring at a lit screen engaging with a virtual world. Evidence increasingly suggests that such fascination and engagement is not good for children’s overall development and needs to be controlled. 

Phones and the start of term 

With the start of a new academic year children need to be encouraged to get on with their daily activities and make friends. Thus phones will only be given out in the second week of term and we will finalise the time so you know as you drop your children off. This means children are free from the worry and thought of using their phone and by the time phones are allowed, your child will have much good news and many activities to report. 

We understand how much as parents you would like to hear and know how your children are doing. Thus, please do establish a relationship with one of the House-parents at school so that you can hear such news. We wish to do everything we can to help everyone settle down and feel comfortable so children and their parents can really enjoy life at school, as soon as possible. 

Classroom equipment 

Each child at school needs a pencil case equipped with pens, pencils, a rubber, a ruler, a pencil sharpener, a glue stick, coloured pencils, felt tipped pens and a pair of scissors. Older children also need a calculator and geometry set. It is vital that all children return with these items and they should be named. 


Talking of naming please could we ask you to try and name all your children’s belongings. It seems so obvious to you that your child will recognise their clothes – especially home clothes and take them back to their crate. However, experience dictates that children do not identify their own clothes and a lack of names just causes confusion and apathy. Equally no name means we cannot return items when we, as adults, come across them around and about school. 

Stamped and addressed envelopes 

Of course, when you are at home and you are busy getting things ready for the start of term it will often seem as if helping your child with envelopes, all ready for posting is one step too far. However, please bear in mind how time consuming it is to work through 175 such envelopes and add the correct stamps and very often the addresses as well. 

All we need is 10 envelopes per term with the correct stamp placed in the corner and an address, usually your own, so that letter writing flows smoothly and the letters can all reach the post office ready for posting nice and quickly. Of course, many of you will wonder why we continue to teach letter writing in this day and age. 

We strongly believe that letter writing is an important skill and one that each child should learn. Setting out a letter and learning to write about the ‘goings on’ in one’s life, not to mention thanking one’s parents and family for their kindness and such like, are important lessons to learn especially in this day and age when ‘time’ is of the essence and so much that is truly important often goes forgotten. 

Next schools 

Council kindly allowed me to travel to the UK in order to visit many of the schools who support us and offer places to our children. I also dropped in along the way to see three prep schools. Not only did I wish to understand the priorities of our ‘next schools’ but I wished to appreciate more keenly the educational factors at the forefront of the minds of our peer schools. 

I flew in to Edinburgh and started with some schools in Scotland: Fettes, Belhaven Hill (prep), Glenalmond and Gordonstoun. I then travelled to Sedbergh, Sedbergh Prep School, Ampleforth, Uppingham, Oundle, Rugby, Shrewsbury, Cheltenham, Pinewood (prep) and finally Marlborough. 

Four of those schools now have a female Head. Helen Harrison at Fettes, Sarah Kerr-Dineen at Oundle, Nicola Huggett at Cheltenham and Louise Moelwyn-Hughes the Master at Marlborough. 

Pembroke House children were widely appreciated, and everyone was very welcoming and helpful. As you would expect each school has its own distinctive emphasis and will suit slightly different children. Full boarding was one of the first factors that dictated this particular list of schools. I had also not travelled to Scotland in my last round as HM so I felt I should certainly start there. Boarding is the most important attribute and one which must be fully researched, and parents must lift the lid and research the reality behind the statistics they might be given. 

Having said that there remain many full boarding schools I did not manage to visit in 8 days. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any help for this important ‘next step’. At school we know the children well and over the years we have developed a very good relationship with so many schools both here at home in Kenya, in South Africa and of course in the British Isles. It is a great pleasure to try and find the right school for you. 

Dates to note in your diaries 

The calendar is on its way but in the meantime please make a note of these dates in your diaries. 


Friday 20th September – Sunday 22nd September 2019 

Climbing Mount Longonot 

Sunday 29th September 2019 

This will take place on Sunday 29th September. This is an important part of the training for the Mt Kenya climb which is scheduled for the Year 8s during October half term this year. Please do kindly arrange for your child to be at school for this event. It allows staff and children to check boots, clothes and fitness. The teachers will also use this day to check the kit each child has ready for the climb 

Sedbergh Cocktail Party, Music evening & Year 8 Dinner 

Friday 11th October 2019 

Sports Day 

Saturday 12th October 2019 

The athletics fixture which we attend at Kasarani Stadium has been moved. This impacts on our usual date for our Inter House Athletics. This means we have had to move Sports Day / our Inter House Athletics to Saturday 12th October. This will be preceded on the Friday by a music evening, a cocktail party kindly sponsored and hosted by Sedbergh and the first Year 8 evening at the Head’s Hub. 

Half Term 

Half term will start at 2 pm on Saturday 12th October 2019 immediately after Sports Day has finished. 

Mt Kenya – Year 8s 

Saturday 12th October 2019 

Year 8 will climb Mt Kenya, leaving school on the Saturday of Sports Day departing once the morning’s activities are over. Please do make a note of this. 

The Sports Tour 

12/13th February – 19th/20th February 2020 

The Sports Tour will travel to South Africa in the Lent Term. They will depart during half term and return just a little late to school after their trip. 

Our new Office Holders and Prefects for 2019/20 

I count myself most fortunate to be coming back and starting off with such a lovely group of Prefects. Hopefully with their advice and help we can look forward to a very happy year. 

Head Girl – Mwisiwa Kagwanja 
Head Boy – Digby Simpson 
Deputy Head Girl – Tracie Njenga 
Head of Sport - Sophia Coulson 
Head of Mackie House – Max Moss 
Head of Scholes House – Ruana Davis 
First Prefect - Jadyn Lutta 

Matters on your mind 

We understand and absolutely appreciate the trust you place in us at school and we are fully aware of the responsibility we bear to look after your children. Our priority is to help you and your child relish the unique and very special experience of enjoying an education at Pembroke House. 

To this end may I ask you to kindly get in touch or come and see me with any concern or problem you might have. Hopefully, I will be able to explain the situation. If I cannot manage this, we may well have to change something at school in order to address your concern so we can improve matters for all. 

‘For the good of the children,’ is at the heart of all we do at Pembroke House and this guides us each and every day at school. 

I look forward to a tremendous term ahead. The calendar is packed with excitement and activities, not to mention the usual comprehensive and far reaching timetable of lessons and games. We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy such a broad range of activities and such enlightened and aspirational teaching and learning, in our very beautiful and unique location. 

Deborah Boyd-Moss 

Sunday 11th August 2019 

Appendix l 

Music Exams 

Over the holidays the following results have come in from Music exams taken last term. 

Ayira Browne 
Grade 3 piano (pass) 
Isla Farquharson 
Pre-Grade Intro piano (Distinction) 
Raheem Hirji 
Pre-Grade Intro piano (Merit) 
Taana Kariuki 
Grade 2 violin (Pass) 
Marie-Alix Liebeskind P 
re-Grade Higher piano (Distinction) 
Lily Llewelyn 
Grade 2 trumpet (Merit) 
Edisa Malungu 
Grade 3 violin (Merit) 
Michelle Owor 
Grade 1 piano (Distinction) 

Appendix ll 

Scholarships, Awards, Achievements and Colours 

Scholarship Awards for Year 8 

Imani Cherutich - Scholarships in Drama, Music & Sport, Sedbergh 
William Clayton - Sports Scholarship, Malvern College 
Isabella Ker - John Wesley Award, Kingswood, UK & All-Rounder In Riding & Drama, King’s Taunton 
Belinda Lindsey - Drama Scholarship, to both Glenalmond & Sedbergh School 
Maria Lovatelli - Drama Scholarship, St Andrew’s, Turi 
Feyisope Mejule - Arts Scholarship, Sedbergh School 
Ella Mouritzen - Sports Scholarship, Kingswood, South Africa 
Daniella Murigah - All-Rounder Round Square Scholarship, Brookhouse 
Kyle Neylan - Sports Scholarship, Sedbergh School 
Cameron Nightingale - All-Rounder Scholarship, Gordonstoun 
Keira Nightingale - All-Rounder Scholarship, Gordonstoun 
Ciku Njau - Kenya Award, Blundell’s 
Evie Rose - Sports Scholarship, Sedbergh 
Oliver Sayer - Sports Scholarship, Sedbergh 
Anouk Salomons - Headmaster's Special Commendation, Uppingham 
Michael Tait - Kenya Award to Langley School 
Sam Weller - All-Round Scholarship in Rugby & Maths, Sedbergh 
Jessie Wheeler - All-Round Scholarship, Gordonstoun 
Tamara Zawadi - Scholarship in Music & Maths, Sedbergh 

CE Awards for Year 8 

8S Academic Achievement – Cora Barclay 
8S Progress – Archie Surtees 
8J Academic Achievement – Maria Lovatelli 
8J Progress – Sam Le Poer Trench 
8H Academic Achievement – Ella Mouritzen 
8H Progress – Keira Nightingale 

Hartley Prize for Creativity & Potential in English – Daniella Murigah 

Progress in English – Kyle Neylan 
Michael Shaw Public Speaking Prize– Leo Tomblin 
Maths Achievement – Sam Weller 
Progress in Maths – Oscar Kanyahuri 
Science Achievement – Kristopher Oyo 
Castle Award for Progress in Science - Charlie Withey 
Geography Achievement - Cameron Nightingale 
Progress in Geography - Oliver Sayer 
History Achievement - Anouk Salomons 
Progress in History - Melissa Mungai 
Religious Studies Achievement – Kristopher Oyo 
Progress in Religious Studies - Jason Glenn 
French Achievement – Maria Lovatelli 
Progress in French - Jamie Brown 
Kiswahili & Citizenship Achievement - Livia Daykin 
Kiswahili & Citizenship Progress - Joe Clarke 
Computing Achievement – Ethan Spring 
Progress in Computing - Eve Clark 
Senior Coach House – Joss Christianakis 
All-Round CE Achievement – Ciku Njau 
All-Round CE Progress – Charlie Withey 
Roberts Senior Academic Cup – Leo Tomblin 
Art Achievement - Feyi Mejule 
Progress in Art - Jessie Wheeler 
Music Achievement - Tamara Zawadi 
Progress in Music - Daniella Murigah 
Melody Cup for Singing – Feyi Mejule 
Drama Achievement - Belinda Lindsey 
Progress in Drama - Paul Hildemann 
Rhythm & Dance Achievement - Armani Njema 
Progress in Rhythm & Dance - Anouk Salomons 
Davidson Creative Arts Cup (Excellence in The Arts) - Imani Cherutich 
Physical Education Achievement - Isabella Ker 
Progress in Physical Education - Leon Lutjeboer 
Cup for Services to Pembroke Sport - Oliver Sayer, George Mattock & Evie Rose 
Millar Cup for Athletics – Imani Cherutich 
U13 Girls All Round Athlete - Cora Barclay 
U13 Boys All Round Athlete - Julian Mapoore & William Clayton 
U13 Sportsman of the Year - Samora Apaa 
Senior Boarding Prize - Joe Clarke & Jasmine Bain 
Spirit of Exeat Trips Award - Michael Tait 
Spirit of the Mountain Award - Ethan Spring 
Spirit of the Safari Award - Archie Surtees & Charlie Withey 
Bouwens All-Rounder Award - Imani Cherutich 
Barratt Martlet Award for Pembroke Spirit - Jessie Wheeler 

School Awards 


Year 1 

Academic Achievement – Pepali Wood 
Progress – Ewan Keith 

Year 2 

Academic Achievement – Isabelle Charitatos 
Progress – Laurence Trevor 


Academic Achievement – Mieke Schutte 
Progress – Jake Van Eede 


Academic Achievement – Natalie Yanda 
Progress – Caroline Hemsted 


Academic Achievement – Halina Saunders 
Progress – Archie Camm 


Academic Achievement – Vesper Murray 
Progress – Henry Trevor 


Academic Achievement – Magdalyn Yanda 
Progress – Meeran Singh 


Academic Achievement – Casper Dingley 
Progress – Abba Omulen 


Academic Achievement – Miles Tomblin 
Progress – Alice Trent 


Academic Achievement – Isobel Foxton 
Progress – Keeley Taylor 


Academic Achievement – Monty Surtees 
Progress – Lily Llewelyn 


Academic Achievement – Mwisiwa Kagwanja 
Progress – Jennifer Glenn 


Academic Achievement – Jaydan Ngugi 
Progress – Jazmine Singh 

Coach House Prizes 

Junior – Tisah van Eede 
Middle – Tessa Salomons 


Junior Achievement - Resa Zuurbier 
Junior Progress - Ian Glenn 
Middle Achievement - Imani-Hannah Slater 
Middle Progress - William Farquharson 


Junior Art Achievement – Halina Saunders 
Junior Art Progress - Tisah Van Eede 
Middle Art Achievement – Siena Barclay 
Middle Art Progress - Lali Clark 
Pottery Achievement - Aidan Harries 
Pottery Progress - Henry Clark 
DT Achievement – Keir Daykin 
DT Progress - Isobel Foxton 


Junior Achievement - Maxine Lee 
Junior Progress - Beanie Barclay 
Middle Achievement - Siena Barclay 
Middle Progress - Lily Llewelyn 


Junior Achievement – Vaidehi Jagtap 
Junior Progress - Kiara Perrett 
Middle Achievement - Lali Clark 
Middle Progress - Desmond Mboya 

Rhythm & Dance 

Junior Achievement – Isla Farquharson 
Junior Progress - Santiago Tamayo 
Middle Achievement – Yzeera Sebunya 
Middle Progress - Kigen Melly 


U9 Sportswoman of the Year - Vesper Murray 
U9 Sportsman of the Year - Archie Camm 
U11 Sportswoman of the Year – Isobel Foxton & Sasha Camm 
U11 Sportsman of the Year – Mark Namisano 
U13 Sportswoman of the Year – Sophia Coulson 


Junior Boarding Prize - EJ Mapoore & Harley Miller 
Middles Boarding Prize - Mark Namisano & Tessa Salomons 
Shack Land Prize - Rosie Wheeler, Olivia Ng’ang’a, 
Beanie Barclay, Marie-Alix Liebeskind, 
Halina Saunders, 
Magdalyn Yanda, Resa Zuurbier 
Taylor Conservation Prize - Yzeera Sebunya 
Extra Mile Prize - Jack & Al Mwangi 

As you all know the school and you as parents have been supporting and doing everything possible to try and help Al, his brother Jack and his mother Esther as they fight Al’s leukaemia. I add in the letter from Al to you all. 

Letter to us all from Al 

‘Dear My Friends, 

Thank you for being my friends and supporting me as I fight leukaemia in India. Thank you for the love, prayers and money, and for being kind to my brother, Jack. 

I miss you and I will be back when I finish treatment. Love Al’ 

Final Assembly 

Top Effort Grades 

Year 1 

Top Effort 
Pepali Wood 

Year 2 

Top Effort 
Isabelle Charitatos 


Top Effort 
Winona Chilowa 
Taylor Dunn 


Top Effort 
eegan Taylor 
Natalie Yanda 


Halina Saunders 
Tisah Van Eede 


Top Effort 
Vesper Murray 


Top Effort 
Magdalyn Yanda 


Top Effort 
Casper Dingley 
Sasha Looman 
Madeleine Schutte 
Akeelah Tusiime 


Top Effort 
Siena Barclay 
Ayira Browne 
Lali Clark 

Alice Trent 


Top Effort 

Keeley Taylor 


Top Effort 

Tessa Hill 

Lily Llewelyn 

Yzeera Sebunya 


Top Effort 

Samatha oyo 

Maia Tamayo 


Top Effort 

Evita Biribonwa 

Ruana Davis 

Yr 8 

Academic Colours 

Leo Tomblin 

Music Colours 

Daniella Murigah 

Final Assembly 

Sports Round up 



Most Improved: Vaidehi Jagtap 

Player of the Season: Mieke Schutte 


Most Improved: Beanie Barclay 

Player of the Season: Vesper Murray 


Most Improved: Eloisa Gufler Brandstaetter 

Player of the Season: Marianne Lee 


Most Improved: Poppy Gufler Brandstaetter 

Player of the Season: Ayira Browne 


Most Improved: Yzeera Sebunya 

Player of the Season: Alice Trent & Sasha Camm 

4th VII 

Most Improved: Evita Biribonwa 

Player of the Season: Jennifer Glenn 

3rd VII 

Most Improved: Maria Lovatelli & Feyi Mejule 

Player of the Season: Belinda Lindsay 

2nd VII 

Most Improved: Janelle Njau 

Player of the Season: Mwisiwa Kagwanja 

1st VII 

Most Improved: Daniella Murigah 

Player of the Season: Imani Cherutich 


U9 Player of the season: Luuk Lutjeboer 

U11 Player of the season: Sean Mazinga 

U13 Player of the season: Paul Hildemann 

Tennis Awards 

Most Improved Tennis Player: Alex Mouritzen 

U11 Girl: Sasha Camm 

U11 Boy Lochy Murray 

U13 Girl: Sophia Coulson 

Allison Tennis Cup U13 Boy: Oliver Sayer 


Girls’ Touch Rugby 

Most Improved: Ruana Davis 

Player of the Season: Sophia Coulson 


Most Improved: Henry Trevor 

Player of the Season: Arlo Hallam 


Most Improved: Luuk Lutjeboer 

Player of the Season: Lionel Laurence 


Most Improved: Casper Dingley 

Player of the Season: Abba Omulen 


Most Improved: Lucas McComb 

Player of the Season: Yonah Pollman 


Kicking Cup: Mark Namisano 

Most Improved: Alistair Froome 

Day Cup Player of the Season: Lochy Murray 

2nd XIII 

Most Improved: Jakes Pamba 

Player of the Season: Kris Oyo 

1st XIII 

Kicking Cup: Samora Apaa 

Most Improved: Charlie Withey 

Best Forward: Samora Apaa 

Best Back: William Clayton 

McBride Cup for Player of the Season: Julian Mapoore 

Sports Colours 

Cross-Country Colours (awarded earlier in the term) 

Half: Cora Barclay & Sophia Coulson 

Full: Armani Njema & Milo Lankester 

Tennis Colours 

Full: Evie Rose & Sophia Coulson 

Samora Apaa & Oliver Sayer 

Touch Rugby Colours 

Half: Cora Barclay, Evie Rose, Armani Njema, Bella Ker 

Full: Livia Daykin, Sophia Coulson, Imani Cherutich 

Netball Colours 

Half: Daniella Murigah, Armani Njema & Ciku Njau 

Full: Imani Cherutich, Cora Barclay & Sophia Coulson 

Rugby Colours 

Half: Jamie Brown, Charlie Withey, Leo Tomblin & Jason Glenn 

Full: Samora Apaa, Kyle Neylan, William Clayton, Julian Mapoore & George Mattock 

The Cock House Winners for the year were