Lent Term No. 6 2023

Lent Term 2023

Letter from the Headmistress

No. 6

End of Term Round Up
Sedbergh Music Workshops & Sports Coaching.
Ghetto Classics & A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Final Assembly & Awards
Astro in the Sport’s Hall
The King’s Coronation & Charity Day
Book Day & Reading Drive at School
Piki Club, Chapels, Calendar, Woodland Canopy
Speech Day & Save the Date - Foundation Ball
Start of Trinity Term - 24th April 2023
Appendix l Useful Numbers
Appendix ll Reading List Years 1-8

Dear Parents,

I hope the holidays got started in just the right way. Now that the dust has settled I thought I should write with news of the end of term and a round up of all the awards and mentions made during our final assembly of the term.

To begin with I would like to make much of the excitement of our final day of the term. Pre Prep were very busy with a ‘stay and play’ day for parents and the rest of the school were equally busy with their Inter House Cross Country, Final Assembly, Parent Matches and then the highlights of the day: Ghetto Classics and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Ghetto Classics
Over the course of the term musicians from Ghetto Classics have been with us practising and rehearsing with our own musicians in readiness for the performance on Friday afternoon. Only a handful of us had had the opportunity to listen to the band and so the power, beauty and excitement of the pieces chosen for the day took most of our audience by complete surprise and there were many tears of joy shed during this very magical time.

Should you wish to find out more about Ghetto Classics and perhaps help them with a donation please look them up Artofmusic.co.ke/donate Mpesa Paybill 339379 Account number Ghettoclassics.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
We then had a break and before long we were back in the theatre ready to watch and enjoy our first Shakespeare play for a very long time.  When Mrs SM  arrived she was not at all sure if we would be up to such a challenge but as soon as she had a chance to get to know the children she explained to me that they would definitely be able to have a very good attempt at this play. Throughout rehearsals the children have had a wonderful time and at no stage have there been any grumbles. The pleasure the children had in performing the play was plain for all to see. They spoke their lines with assurance and clarity and by the time the second performance arrived they had mastered their nerves and their audience was in the palm of their hands.

Very well done to each and every one of our cast. A huge thank you to all the teachers and members of staff involved and of course to Mrs SM for believing in the children and for her expertise in taking us all to pastures new; we really are most grateful.

Final Assembly
As always this was a busy affair with so many accomplishments awarded and acknowledged. We began with Academics.


Year 1: Academic Effort: Sienna C, Drew S and Jamila U

2PK: Academic Effort: Cora M

2W : Academic Effort: Kai C, Sophie J

3F: Academic Effort: Noor Z

3R: Academic Effort: Clementine A

4A: Academic Effort: Isabelle C

4H: Academic Effort: Conor F, India H, Aaron J and Hamish M

5M: Academic Effort: Iona E

5H: Academic Effort: Ella H

6S: Academic Effort: Summer H, Abigael K, Kiara P

6R: Academic Effort: Abbie A

7D: Academic Effort: Leo H & Nina  LC

7S: Academic Effort: Tamara W

7O: Academic Effort: Natalie Y

As the Year 8s have recently completed their mock exams they are also awarded Academic Achievement.

8W: Academic Achievement & Effort: Benjamin LC

8O: Academic Achievement: Lionel L
Effort: Lionel L & Seiya M

8S: Academic Achievement & Effort: Chloe-E M

Megan H and Milla H were awarded their academic colours

Performing Arts
The following were awarded their Colours for Performing Arts. This area of school life encompasses Music, Art and Drama.
Robert R, Digby N, Michelle O, Nyssa A, Makenna Br, Allyson A, Milla H, Seiya M, Michaela K, Megan H, Chloe-EM

Sports Awards
Hockey Awards

Most Improved: Clementine A
Player of the Season: Josephine L

Most Improved: Josephine L
Player of the Season: Zia T

Most Improved: Zeudi DF
Player of the Season: Reese H

Most Improved: Caitlyn N
Player of the Season: Zahra Y

Most Improved: Isabelle C
Player of the Season: Kiara P
Isabelle C - Hat-trick vs St. Andrew’s
Kiara P - Hat-trick vs Braeburn
Abbie A - Hat-trick vs Cavina
Abbie A- Hat-trick vs St. Andrew’s
Abbie A- Hat-trick vs Braeburn

3rd VII
Most Improved: Viana S
Player of the Season: Lilly B
2nd VII
Most Improved: Caro H
Player of the Season:  Michaela K
Isabelle W - Hat-trick v Turi

1st VII
Most Improved: Beanie B
Player of the Season: Vesper M
Vesper M - Hat-trick vs Braeburn
Vesper M- Hat-trick vs Cavina
Megan H - Hat-trick vs Cavina
Isla F- Hat-Trick vs Cavina

Most Improved: Yarden BY
Player of the Season: Alexander H

Most Improved: Oscar O
Player of the Season: Hamish M
Hamish M - Hat-trick vs St. Andrew’s

Most Improved: Lennon R
Player of the Season: Jonah L
EJ M - Hat-trick vs Braeburn

Most Improved: Justin F
Player of the Season: Archie M
EJ M - Hat-trick vs Cavina
Ishan N - Hat-trick vs Cavina

Most Improved:  Draymond A
Player of the Season: Ayan S

3rd VII
Most Improved: Jayden G
Player of the Season: Troy S

2nd VII
Most Improved: Ryan K
Player of the Season: Kian M
Kian M - Hat-trick v The Downs

1st VII
Most Improved: Jack F
Player of the Season & Winner of the Foster Cup: Max L
Jack F- Hat-trick v Kenton
Jack F - Hat-trick v The Downs
Jack F- Hat- trick v Cavina

House Hockey
4th: Turners
3rd: Hazards
2nd: Opies
1st: Fosters

4th: Hazards
3rd: Fosters
2nd: Turners
1st: Opies

4th: Turners
3rd: Fosters
2nd: Opies
1st: Hazards

4th: Opies
3rd: Hazards
2nd: Fosters
1st: Turners

Long Plunge Winners
U9: Rafe L
U11: Abbie A
U13 & Winner of Sub Aqua Cup:  David R

Diving Competition Winners
U9: Zia T
U11: Pepali W
U13 & Winner of Keith Cup: Jack F

House Competition for Diving & Long Plunge
4th - Turners (42 Points)
3rd - Hazards (55 Points)
2nd - Opies (58.5 Points)
1st - Fosters (60.5 Points)

Inter-House Cross-Country

  1st 2nd 3rd
U7 Girls Kya G Cora M Pia M
U7 Boys Jamal M Kai C Timothy N
U9 Girls Zia T Piper F Isabelle C
U9 Boys Hamish M Conor F Rafe L
U11 Girls Iona E Ella H Taleen N
U11 Boys Harry E Justin F Billy T
U13 Girls Megan H Izzy W Natalie Y
U13 Boys Lionel L Malachi O Digby N

Ulyate Shield Winners: Lionel L & Megan H

Total House Averages
4th - Opies (12.5)
3rd - Hazards (10.6)
2nd - Turners (10.4)
1st - Fosters (9.6)

House Sport Cup
4th - Turners (37)
3rd - Hazards (47)
2nd - Opies (63)
1st - Fosters (73)


Half Colours: Megan H, Natalie Y, Digby N, David R, Arlo H, Taylor D
Full Colours: Robert R, Topper D, Jordan R, Milla H, Archie C

Boys Hockey
Half Colours: Rafe C, Topper D, Ganza S, Robert R
Full Colours: Lionel L (re-awarded), Archie C (re-awarded), Max L, Jack F, Ryan H, Digby N

Girls Hockey
Half Colours: Mieke S, Molly O, Michelle O
Full Colours: Vesper M (re-awarded), Seiya M, Megan H, Jordan R, Isla F, Beanie B

House Point Awards
The top housepoint earners this term were as follows:

Tian G 200 HP
Abbie A- 250 HP

Maia P 200 HP
Deborah M - 300 HP

Hamish M - 200 HP
Isabelle C  200 HP
Joseph A - 200 HP
Viana S- 250HP

Cock House
Work Cup
4th - Fosters (69.1)
3rd - Opies (77.5)
2nd - Hazards (77.6)
1st - Turners (78.9)

Conduct Cup
4th - Opies (30.4)
3rd - Hazards (31.4)
2nd - Turners (32.2)
1st - Fosters (33.7)

Cock House Standings 
Lent 2023
4th - Hazards (170)
3rd - Turners (173)
2nd - Opies (180)
1st - Fosters (221)

Sedbergh School
During the final week of term we were most fortunate to be joined by three members of staff from Sedbergh, Chris Allinson, their Director of Music, Jackie Leech, Head of Girls’ Games and James Coultard, one of their specialist Rugby Coaches. Our expert visitors headed up workshops and clinics throughout the week, which the children and staff really enjoyed. Hopefully, this will really give a boost to next term’s sport and music programme. To send 3 members of staff out to us in Kenya is a real bonus and extremely generous and kind of Sedbergh and we could not be more grateful.

Whilst our minds are still focussed on sport I can update you on our astro surface which has actually arrived and is being laid in our sports hall as I type. We are all very excited about this and feel it will really add much to our evening activities at school along with an extra practice area and time in the evening for hockey, cricket and football.

Woodland Canopy
In recent months we have been gifted a very generous donation to develop a woodland canopy at Pembroke House, along with planting many more trees around our playing fields. This is an extremely exciting project and it will be known as the Queen’s Canopy in remembrance of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. The woodland canopy will form the heart of our sustainability teaching; hopefully, with a little barn constructed from recycled materials from school located at its heart. The woodland will be full of indigenous trees known to grow well in Gilgil: Warburgia, Olives and Cedars along with some Cape Chestnut and the local and very vibrant Lileshwa. We already have detailed plans for this woodland which will be located in the far corner of the school grounds close to Langa Langa. This initiative will bring this area of the school grounds into everyday use and our ideas include bee hives, wormeries, a vegetable garden along with some cows, sheep and chickens. Many of you may remember Bevan and Bridget Newlands, and they return in September, from New Zealand, to join us at Pembroke House with their two boys. We are most fortunate for Bevan and Bridget are just the right teachers to help us drive this project forwards. Over these holidays we will plan how to bring these very exciting ideas to fruition so that work may begin in the next few weeks.

Next Term
Book Day on Friday 28th April

  • Theme is Heroes and Villains - please help your child bring a costume back to school
  • Extreme Reading Challenge - please send a photo of your child reading in an unusual place over the holidays! This can be sent to me, Kaila, your child’s form-taker, their English teacher or tutor by Email or WhatsApp. My number is 0701360118. Email sallyronaldson@pembrokehouse.sc.ke
  • Suggested Reading List is attached (Appendix II) for each year group. This is a guide only. Please feel free to "borrow" from other year groups.
  • All reading is good reading; please encourage your child to find content that they enjoy. Non-fiction is also wonderful (the Dorling Kindersley series and National Geographic magazine are ideal for those who resist fiction).
  • However, children should also seek to challenge themselves to choose more ambitious books / content.
  • Please do read the same books with - or to - your child - and have discussions with them! This is invaluable for comprehension skills.
  • Audiobooks are also wonderful but should be used as well as - not instead of - independent reading.

This is all part of a general Literacy Drive at Pembroke House.

Piki Club
On Saturday 29th April we will have a training afternoon on our new track and then on Sunday 30th April there will be an event organised by Peter Kuria and Patrick Malungu. Please get in touch with Patrick and Peter directly if you already know them but it would help us to know who is interested in this weekend so please contact John Wright, Paul Odera or me so that we know who is interested in joining in. Training will be 2,500 Ksh an hour or 4,000 for the afternoon and there will be bikes to hire for 5,000 an hour which would also include instruction.

Paul Odera +254 722 313 277
John Wright  +254 115580447

The King’s Coronation
Our day of celebration is planned for Monday 8th May and we will start with a Street Party, similar to the one we hosted for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It would be super if you could bring a plate of something delicious to add to the festivities and of course a hat or costume would be amazing!

Charity Initiatives
Sharing our lunch
On the same day, to support the King’s Charity initiative we are arranging to visit a variety of religious centres in Gilgil and the surrounding areas to deliver a meal. Pembroke House will have a meat free lunch and we will share our daily fare with those people in need that day. Our seniors will help us with these visits.

Drought Relief
As many of you know there are large areas of Kenya struggling with the consequences of drought. In the final week of term we had a ‘mufti day’ when children (Years 1-8) wore their home clothes to school for the day. In return you kindly donated 500 Ksh for each of your children at school and we are now going to send this to the Divinity Foundation. I have included information about the Divinity Foundation below.

Next term our form Chapels will once again focus on the environment and all we can do to help. Food wastage will be the first topic on the agenda. 65% of all the methane that enters the atmosphere comes from food waste. We will also have a drive in school to do all we can to reduce this as much as possible.

Closed Weekends
Next term we will not have any closed weekends. We will trial this and see how popular it seems. Of course there are camping weekends, trips and activities  for various year groups and we would appreciate your support in leaving your children ‘in’ for these and for kindly arranging your diaries around these dates.

The Calendar
Here is the calendar for next term. Please have a look and let us know any mistakes or conflicts of interest you spot before we confirm matters and the hard copy goes to print.

Please Click

Speech Day & End of Term
Speech Day will begin at 11.30 am and this year we will be in the theatre.

Foundation Ball
This year we are organising a Ball to launch the preparations for Pembroke’s 100th Birthday in 2027. Please save the date and there will be more information coming out about this party soon!

Have a Wonderful Holiday
Please get in touch
I hope you have a super holiday and as always please get in touch if we can help you with anything at all.

Start of Term
Monday 24th April
Just in case you need reminding!
We look forward to seeing everyone back at school for Monday 24th April at 8.30 am, ready for Chapel at 9 am.

With very best wishes,