Lent Term No. 3 2023

Lent Term 2023

Letter from the Headmistress

No. 3



Inspection, Scholarships, Swimming Captains,
Ghetto Classics, Health, Parking, Coming Up,
Emergency numbers, Communication,
Half Term Reports, DBM away,
Have a lovely half term!

Dear Parents,

I am just writing to bring you up to date with everything that has taken place in the last few weeks.

Our Inspectors have left and during their final meeting they gave us very good feedback indeed. It was heartwarming to hear what a lovely stay they had had and how much they had enjoyed meeting and talking to our children from the Junior School all the way to Year 8. We were also compliant which sounds a little dull but it is very important and we are extremely pleased!

As you might imagine the children were absolutely marvellous and chatted away about their likes and dislikes, voicing their opinions with candour, respect and maturity. As always they found the combination of our pupils' lack of materialism, their love of the outdoors and just playing, their kindness towards each other and their sensible thoughts a truly intoxicating mixture.

Our ISI Report will be ready in about two weeks and we will share it with you when it arrives.

During Chapel on Monday and again this morning I had the greatest pleasure in announcing a number of Scholarships and Awards.

Arav S has been awarded a Scholarship to Peponi.
Lyndsey S. U has been awarded an Art Scholarship and the Thomas Sanders Award to Blundell’s.
Michaela K has also been awarded the Thomas Sanders Award to Blundell’s.
Robert R has been awarded a Sports Scholarship to Glenalmond College.
Seiya M has been awarded the Kenya Scholarship to Glenalmond.
Vesper M has been awarded the Warden’s Award to Glenalmond which is their top Scholarship and very much focuses on future leaders.

These  scholarships follow on from those already awarded to Digby N who received an All Rounder Scholarship to Gordonstoun and Lionel L who has been awarded a Sports Scholarship to Sedbergh.

Very well done and huge congratulations to all our Year 8 pupils listed here. Their talent, grit, kindness and teachability make them very attractive prospects for their ‘next school’.

Swimming Captains
This is the swimming term and our Captains this year are Milla H and Topper D - well done!

Ghetto Classics
Last weekend we welcomed Ghetto Classics once more for a day of practice and creativity. The school was filled with so much music, reverberating from the various practice rooms. Then late morning we gathered in the theatre to listen to the whole band assembled altogether playing 7 songs ranging from the School Song to Pirates of the Caribbean. It was absolutely wonderful to see all the children enjoying playing together and the performances were extremely powerful and very moving. Hopefully, Ghetto Classics will join together with our musicians for Speech Day and we can all have a chance to listen to the band. A huge thank you to Ms MM and her peripatetic team for arranging this and adding their own magic to make such special days of music.

In recent weeks we have had quite a lot of sore throats. I sent a WhatsApp message yesterday (pasted below) with an update on this situation and please do seek medical advice should you feel at all concerned or uneasy.

As we head to half term please be aware that we have had some cases of Norovirus as well as experiencing increased incidences of respiratory tract infections and in a few cases strep throat and scarlet fever. If your child falls ill over half term please seek medical assistance. A child should not return to school until 48 hours after symptoms have resolved. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact Sister Purity.

Purity - 0703 848 088

I have also sent a recent WhatsApp to alert you to the parking situation in the ‘air lock’ between Gate 1 and Gate 2. This is very busy in the mornings and we have forbidden parallel parking along the Sports Hall wall. Parking here reduces visibility and makes it very challenging for parents reversing out of their parking spots. Please remember there is lots of room down by the field - I do appreciate it is a bit of a trek up to school but on a positive note this might work for your steps! Alternatively, many parents are parking outside along the main road.

We have tried a pre-prep bus this week but it was not hugely popular and we will try and open up some parking over the road on the Club side, with a zebra crossing and a lollipop person to help control the traffic. However, all such initiatives take time, so please in the meantime, bear with us and be mindful of where you park and try to give yourself plenty of time to drive in and out of school.

Coming Up

The Mountain
Our Year 8s and many of their parents have set forth today to climb Mount Kenya. This is such a wonderful expedition and we will all be thinking of the party and we sincerely hope that the weather will be kind to them - good luck!

Half Term Reports
Half term reports will be with you by the end of day on Monday. For those pupils, whose tutors are climbing Mount Kenya, your report may come a little later on in the week but your tutor will be in touch to explain this and seek your understanding.

Parent Tutor Meetings
Some of these meetings may have already taken place but on the whole these discussions will be arranged for the week after half term. By this time you will have your child’s report in hand and this may prove a better time to talk through matters with your tutor; we will see.  Please let us know which way around you prefer.

Sherborne School
Please remember that Sherborne School will join us on Saturday 25th February. If you would like to meet the Head of Sherborne Girls, Dr Ruth Sullivan or Sherborne Boys, Dr Dominic Luckett, please do get in touch with Katrina.

+254 708 143 600

Year 8 Mock CE Exams
These exams begin on Monday 27th March.

Inter House Swimming Gala
Friday 10th March

Exeat will begin as the swimming gala finishes around 12.30 pm on Friday 10th March.

Communication: Emails, WhatsApps and Phone Calls.
May I take this opportunity for your help with using our phones a little less and moving back to emails as much as possible. This has really helped us manage much better at school and I hope you feel you have received timely replies and you are being well looked after.

Numbers in case of an Emergency
Just a reminder, the numbers to ring in an emergency are:
Katrina Dingley - 0708 143 600
MJ Nuijten-Coulson - 0722 526 374
Terry - 0727 267 642
Chantal - 0742 374 256
Purity - 0703 848 088

As always please do get in touch over anything at all, no problem or query is too small. Remember Terry is always ready to help and there will be transport bringing children from Nairobi, after half term on Monday 20th February.

+254 727 267 642

DBM away
I am visiting the UK over half term and will be back in school on Tuesday 21st February. I am off to visit a state boarding school, Burford and a long running school farm at Bedales. I do apologise for not being at school on the Monday after half term but please do email or message me if you would like to arrange another time to see me that might work for you.

May I wish you all a very good half term. Please continue to help your children to get lots of rest and down time so that they can recover from a very busy few weeks and set themselves up for all the action that is to come!

With very best wishes,


Mrs Deborah Boyd Moss MA (Cantab) PGCE
Pembroke House
+ 254 (0) 720 602 483