Lent Term No. 2 2023

Lent Term 2023

Letter from the Headmistress

No. 2



Table Manners, Ghetto Classics,
Reminders: Uniform, Jewelry, Tuck,
Communication, Emergencies, Signing In,
ISI Inspection, Podiatrist, St George’s Exchange Programme,
Mount Kenya Trip, Half Term Trip to Watamu
and R and R for your children!

Dear Parents,

I am writing Letter No 2 as we sail towards exeat. Despite less than 3 weeks under our belt so much has been accomplished. Our seniors are back from their respective trips to Lewa and to the UK on our Sports Tour, Year 2s have been camping in the Forestry, we have played matches against the Banda and Kenton, one hundred pupils from Year 5-8 have taken part in the Hog Charge and Year 8s and Year 5s have been on a Geography Field Trip, not to mention having our first Boats this afternoon!

Table Manners
A few new children have joined us this term along with some more familiar faces and as always we have enjoyed a quiet lunch at the cafe practising and discussing the importance of table manners! You will be pleased to know they all passed!

Ghetto Classics
We really enjoyed hosting Ghetto Classics over the closed weekend and they will be with us after exeat, on Sunday 5th February. This is a tremendous opportunity for our instrumentalists and please do try and arrange for your child to join the practices on this day, bringing things together with a joint performance at 11.30 am on Sunday morning.

I would like to thank you for your support with our formal ‘whites’ uniform. Almost without exception, our children arrive for Chapel looking extremely smart wearing their formal uniform. This is so important and it is a mark of respect both to their school and of themselves. The main area where we need a little extra vigilance is making sure the children wear a pair of black shoes that fit them.

Informal Uniform: Polos
We feel that it is too much and quite unnecessary to ask the children to wear ‘whites’ every day and this is why we have an informal uniform for three days of the week where the children wear their grey shorts or skirt with a polo shirt. If the children feel cold they should wear their school sweater and if they still would like to feel warmer, they can wear a fleece or the school puffer gilet. It is here that our problem arises for there are children who would prefer to wear their tracksuit top. Please could you help us and explain that this is for sport and for the evenings after showers and if possible make sure your child has a sweater that they like.

Jewelry and Bracelets
The children may wear one bracelet and no other jewelry. Earrings should be inconspicuous studs. Watches are allowed and encouraged! Again your help here would be much appreciated.

Please could we remind you that children should NOT bring tuck back to school. If you send your child with tuck on the bus after a fixture or activity, it should be a small amount or enough to share for everyone. No tuck is allowed off the bus.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding over the request that I made in the last Letter asking for you to very kindly return to using emails for as much communication as possible. We are extremely grateful to you for your help here.

We all worry about what happens if there is an emergency. Should you need to get in touch with the school as a matter of urgency we would like you to contact the office and we will then make a plan to sort matters out as quickly as possible. In most cases the teacher with whom you need to communicate will ring you back or send a message at break or rest time, or failing that after school.

Members of Staff that can be contacted throughout the day:
Katrina Dingley - 0708 143 600
MJ Nuijten-Coulson - 0722 526 374
Terry - 0727 267 642
Chantal - 0742 374 256
Purity - 0703 848 088

Signing In
We have one more request with regard to keeping everyone safe at school. Please could we ask you to sign in when you come into school through the 2nd gate, be it to watch a match or enjoy a cup of coffee at the cafe. We have asked the askaris at the 2nd gate to help by listing (and crossing off when you leave) parents who come for drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon because I am aware that this is a lot to ask of those parents who visit so regularly. This is to help us in case of a fire or another sort of emergency so that we know who is on site and who we need to find and look after.
The Book
After exeat the book will be kept on a table by the 2nd gate and your help and patience in helping us with this would be much appreciated.

ISI Inspection
Sunday 5th - Wednesday 8th February
As you know we are looking forward to welcoming our two Inspectors from ISI who will arrive on Sunday 5th February and leave us on Wednesday 8th February.

Fabian Collis
Fabian will now be with us on Wednesday and Thursday 1st and 2nd February. I am sure Purity knows who is on the list but do get in touch if you would like your child to have an appointment with Fabian.

Purity - 0703 848 088

Exchange Programme Year 6
St George’s School, Windsor.
We have 8 children with 4 on the reserve list who have signed up for this exchange programme which will take place in September when the children are in Year 7. At the moment we are finalising the logistics: the extra costs involved for the two week programme and the members of staff who will accompany the group to the UK. Once these details have been decided we will be in touch to confirm interest and secure a deposit.

Year 8s
Mount Kenya Trip
It hardly seems possible but it is just two weeks until half term and the Year 8 trip up the mountain. Please help Mrs. Surtees and read your emails so that you can respond and help us plan this week. If you would like your son or daughter to join the half term trip to Watamu after coming down the Mountain please let Mrs. Surtees and Ms. D know.


Half Term Trip
Turtle Bay, Watamu
Ms. D is very kindly taking a trip to Turtle Bay, Watamu for those children that would like to enjoy such a holiday. Please get in touch with Ms. D if you would like your child to join the trip.


I think this rounds matters up for Week 3. Please do get in touch if I can help in any way whatsoever.

May I wish you all a very good exeat. May I urge you to help your children to get lots of rest and sleep. It has been a very busy start to the term and with the heat at this time of year all our children are in need of some R and R!

With very best wishes,


Mrs Deborah Boyd Moss MA (Cantab) PGCE
Pembroke House
+ 254 (0) 720 602 483