Lent Term 2021 No 3

Lent Term 2021
Letter from the Headmistress

No 3

Back at School!
Health, Games on Friday,
Buses, Exeat, Trips, Half Term,
Pre Prep Coffee Morning,
Keeping safe

Dear Parents,

We are back!

Thank you all for coming to school last Monday or over the subsequent days and dropping off your children. The level of excitement amongst us all has been palpable and we could not be happier to be back at school and in the classroom and on the playing fields.

We are now on day 8 and so far we have had two low grade temperatures with children returning to school after 36 hours and one broken arm along with the usual bumps, scratches and children needing to drink a little more.

Year 8 Training for Mt Kenya on Saturday 23rd January
This time Mr Aung and Mr Davidson have kindly put together a camping trip up the Aberdares. This is very exciting and means the Year 8s will depart this Saturday afternoon. They will camp the night in the park and then set off the next morning for their training climb. We will look forward to seeing them all back on Sunday afternoon.

Coming Up
This Friday we wondered, if you are in the vicinity, if you might like to come and watch games in the afternoon. We will have tea to offer you and hopefully you can enjoy an afternoon out. Children may go home for the evening but we would expect Middles and Seniors back for Games and Clubs on Saturday morning at 7.45 am and of course we have a full programme of sport and activities for Juniors who are staying with us over the weekend.

There will be a bus to Nairobi for Juniors on Saturday morning (23.1.21) leaving here at 6am. There will be another bus for older children leaving at 12 noon. The bus back to school will leave St Christopher’s in Karen and Peponi Kindergarten the other side of town at 6 am sharp on Monday morning.

Terry is the lady who kindly arranges our bus trips so please do get in touch as soon as you can so we can make the necessary plans.

Terry admin@pembrokehouse.sc.ke Tel: 0727 267642

As you know Miss D will be organising an exeat trip for those children who will be staying at school. Please do get in touch with Miss D directly or Terry in the office to arrange this.

Miss D hilarydavidson@pembrokehouse.sc.ke Tel: 0715396515
Terry admin@pembrokehouse.sc.ke Tel: 0727 267642

Exeat officially begins at 8 am on Thursday 29th January. However, buses to Nairobi will leave at 6 am that day and you may of course collect your children after lessons or prep on Thursday if you wish.

Half Term
Miss D will also be looking after children over half term. With the various protocols surrounding Covid in different countries the logistics for many of you are just too much to manage these short breaks and so we understand that we need to help here. Miss D is planning to take the children to the coast so they will have a lovely time. Again please do get in touch with Miss D or Terry to pop your child’s name on the list for this trip and receive all the necessary information.

Miss D hilarydavidson@pembrokehouse.sc.ke Tel: 0715396515
Terry admin@pembrokehouse.sc.ke Tel: 0727 267642

Pre Prep Coffee Morning
The last thing to bring to your attention is a Pre Prep coffee morning at 9 am on Thursday 28th January at the Martlet Cafe. We will remind our Pre Prep parents with an invitation which will go out via WhatsApp.

As you too plan for the exeat and half term breaks that are coming up, please do keep in mind staying out of reach of this virus so we can all return to school and stay as healthy and fit as possible.

A short letter but hopefully helpful.

Please do come and watch games if you are around on Friday and otherwise we are all just working hard at school and trying to keep safe and healthy.

As always please do get in touch with any feedback that might help us or queries and concerns that might be on your mind.

With very best wishes,


Mrs Deborah Boyd Moss MA (Cantab) PGCE
Pembroke House
+ 254 (0) 720 602 483