Lent Term 2021 No 10

Lent Term 2021
Letter from the Headmistress

No 10

Dear Parents,

Goodness me what a time it has been! We were so sad to tell the children at break time that we have made the decision to wind down the school over the coming five days. However, we explained that we hoped this would mean everyone could get home before any more cases of Covid and spend the Easter holidays altogether without extra anxiety and the need to isolate.

The Children
I have to tell you that the children have been absolutely amazing. They are led by a group of Prefects and Year 8s that are quite outstanding and as their teachers we have explained how wonderful they are and what a pleasure it has been for all of us to be at school together.

Next Term
Understandably, I addressed a concern that perhaps we might have more worries like this next term. However, as I messaged earlier we are optimistic that with the roll out of the vaccination programme for health workers, teachers, vulnerable people and then hopefully all adults, the threat posed by this disease will reduce and we will all feel much more comfortable as the months go by.

Easter Eggs
Our meeting with the children ended with three cheers for a wonderful term, three cheers for the Easter Holidays and then delicious Creme Eggs which were much appreciated!

Winding Down
We understand what a worry it is suddenly to feel that you must collect your children and therefore we hope that ‘winding down’ over a few days allows you the space to think and make plans that you can manage. The teachers will be here all week and we will look after all the children. Previous experience leads me to believe that most children will have left by the end of the weekend and then there will be just a few still with us while plans are made and the final goodbyes will be said on Monday and Tuesday.

Weekend Programme
The weekend will continue with some play fun along with make-up and costumes and we will take some photos to share with you to whet your appetite for next term.

Best Wishes
I know you will join me in sending your best wishes to Judy Wairimu and to our member of the auxiliary team for their quick recovery.

Term Dates
At present we are aiming to start on Monday 26th April with lessons beginning at 10 am. We understand there will be some concern about time missed due to closing early and we will look to tweak half term and in all likelihood reduce this break to be more like an exeat. This will allow us to make up for much of the teaching time lost with this change of plan.

Covid Tests
It is very likely that we will ask all children and staff coming back to school next term to have a rapid lateral flow test before arrival. Whilst this is not entirely reliable and of course only gives one the situation at that time on that day, we feel this may well help us all feel more confident as a new term gets underway.

Holiday Work.
Year 8s
Year 8s will be taking a pack of work home for the holidays. If they have not picked it up we will of course send it via courier.

Google Classroom
Other year groups will be set optional work online in their Google Classrooms for each subject or for their form if they are in the Junior School. This is just to keep them ticking over and consolidate some of the syllabus covered over the course of the term.

Covid Tests & Transport
We have the Pathcare lab coming into school today and they will return tomorrow and at any time thereafter to take tests ready for children who need to fly across the border or for your own information. The results are normally back in 24 hours. Terry is hard at work arranging transport. Please do contact the Sisters, Terry or Katrina if we can help you arrange anything at all.

Katrina 0708 143600
San Sister on Duty 0701 487130
Terry 0727 267642

As you can imagine, prior to this change of plan we were all hard at work feeding back to the children after their assessments and sharing our understanding of each class during tracking meetings. Reports will be completed over the course of the coming week and this will give you detailed feedback on the progress your child has made. The reports should be with you just before Easter.

Next Letter
This Letter from the HM will be followed by one more bringing the term to a close and giving you all the detail normally reserved for an end of term assembly with prize winners and sports awards.

Final Assembly, Awards & Prizes.
Rather than proceed virtually we will wait for this assembly until we are together again next term and we can announce the children for all to hear. I understand that you have missed so much and I think we may well film this so that you can watch and enjoy this assembly.

It is, however, my pleasure to update you with the scholarships the Year 8s have been awarded over the course of this year. In recent weeks we received the wonderful news that Ayira Browne has been awarded an All Rounder Scholarship to Sedbergh School and Locy Murray and Chilli Winter have been awarded a Sports Scholarship to Glenalmond. This is quite thrilling and congratulations to our Scholars and of course enormous thanks to all the teachers and members of staff who have worked with them over the years.

Please do have a look at the list below.

Miles Tomblin - Sir Michael Palin All Rounder Scholarship to Shrewsbury
Isobel Foxton - A Sport Scholarship Sedbergh School
Mark Namisano - A Sport Scholarship to Peponi
Yzeera Sebunya - A Drama Scholarship to Peponi
Sasha Camm - An All Rounder Scholarship to Millfield
Siena Barclay - An Academic Scholarship to Sherborne Girls
Ayira Browne - An All Rounder Scholarship to Sedbergh School
Chilli Winter - A Sport Scholarship to Glenalmond
Lochy Murray - A Sport Scholarship to Glenalmond

Thank you
Yet again I must thank you for your unstinting support, your understanding and your endless flexibility. Once upon a time we could make plans and there was a certain confidence and comfort in knowing how the weeks ahead would play out. Over the last year we have all learnt to take matters one day at a time and to be enormously grateful for so much we used to take for granted. Any certainty we can glean for how things will work out is much appreciated and is of tremendous comfort. We all hope that the vaccinations will lead us out of this very challenging time and give us back the confidence and a small sense of comfort that we can reclaim some control over our lives.

As always please do not hesitate to get in touch for any clarification or support we can offer you. Nothing is too much trouble and once we understand we can find a way to help.

With very best wishes,


Mrs Deborah Boyd Moss MA (Cantab) PGCE
Pembroke House
+ 254 (0) 720 602 483