Lent Term 2021 No 1

Lent Term 2021
Letter from the Headmistress

No 1

Keeping Healthy: the Self Declaration Form, Uniform & Kit List, The Calendar, ‘Back to School Booklet,’ Extra Bits & Pieces, Timings, The First Step, Please do ask for help.

Good afternoon to you all and Happy New Year!

I am just writing with a few priorities for you to think about.

The first is all to do with our own health.

Self Declaration Form
We do not need you to fill this in now. However, we do need you kindly to read the form and be mindful of the responsibility on all our shoulders to keep safe and make sure that we are fit and healthy for at least 14 days prior to coming to school, as well as just as we enter the school gates.

Covid-19 Self Declaration for Parents, Pupils and Staff

The Office
As you arrive you will find Katrina and Terry at the gate near the Martlet Cafe and they will have copies of this form ready for you to sign as well as other documents you may need to complete.

I attach some documents which may help you organise matters in the coming days prior to school opening.

Please do Click!
School Calendar
Boys:Uniform & Kit List
Girls: Uniform & Kit List
Back to School Booklet

Extra Bits & Pieces
An extra blanket
Please may I suggest that all children come back to school with an extra blanket. The windows in dorms will be open at night to ensure good ventilation and an extra blanket will guard against anyone feeling cold.

A Cushion
Our assemblies and Chapel services will be outside, at least to begin with and if every child could return with a cushion, (named and roughly 20” x 20”) this will make it much easier and more comfortable just to sit down outside for our meetings and assemblies.

Water Bottles
These are on the Uniform & Kit list but if you could send your child back with 2 named water bottles this will allow us to clean and fill one whilst the other is in use.

Sports Kit
With no inter school matches scheduled for this term the children will have a slightly greater variety of sports to play to keep things exciting and allow us to coach them ready for the terms ahead.
All children will need swimming costumes and their running/athletics shoes.
All boys will need cricket and hockey kit.
Junior Girls will need rounders and hockey equipment.
Middle and Senior Girls will be playing hockey with some cricket.

Return to School
Monday 11th January 2021
To try and promote social distancing we are trying to stagger arrival times.
We understand that this is not always possible but as a guideline. If you have siblings please choose the timing that suits you best.

2.30 and 3.30 pm

3-4 pm

3.30- 4.30 pm

I was reminded by a parent, just yesterday in fact, that my first Chapel service back in 2019 was all about being brave enough to take the first step. Without a doubt each one of us will be feeling excited about this wonderful opportunity of going ‘back to school’. There will be a great sense of anticipation at seeing our friends and teachers and all the fun and enjoyment to be had getting on with life at school. However, now that the time is actually approaching no matter whether we are a mother, father, grandparent, auntie, uncle or child each one of us will have something on our minds, something we are feeling scared about.

So we must all know that everyone at school, no matter what their role, has worked hard to make sure the school is all ready for this long awaited and very special time. It is now for us just to take that first step and trust that with much thought, hard work and good will everything will work out.

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Next Letter

I will send another Letter - No 2 on Friday 8th January with any further information to smooth the way ready for Monday.

Please do get in touch
Each family will have concerns and queries which need answering. Please do not hesitate to WhatsApp, message, phone or email to seek the answers and confirmation you need.

Please remember nothing is too much trouble.

With very best wishes,


Mrs Deborah Boyd Moss MA (Cantab) PGCE
Pembroke House
+ 254 (0) 720 602 483