Lent Term 2020 Letter No 3

 Lent Term 2020 

Letter from the Headmistress No 3 

Transport, Weekend Plans, Upcoming Events, IAPS Swimming Gala at Peponi, Choral afternoon, Inspection, Exams, Evening Entertainment in the theatre, Boats and our Inter House swimming Gala, Exeat plans. 

Dear Parents, 

I am just writing to try and help you plan the coming weeks. The children from the sports tour have just returned and I will include a round up of their matches and activities in my next letter. For now it is lovely seeing the school full again and having the sense that we have returned to business as usual. 

I have received a few replies to my earlier letter with an explanation of our weekend, transport and Chapel situation. It is wonderful that you are all thinking through how these plans affect you as families and I hope we can work with each one of you to find the right way forward. 

That said, I am now writing to try and explain the arrangements for the weekends that are coming up. 

Saturday 22rd and Sunday 23th February 

This weekend we have Friday evening Chapel with Mr Lovatt addressing everyone on the subject of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. There is then the Colour Run on Saturday. The bus for the Juniors will leave school at 6 am on Saturday and there will be another bus for any Middles and Seniors going to Nairobi at 10 am. The buses are quite empty this weekend because everyone is looking forward to taking part in the Colour Run. The return bus to school will leave Nairobi on Monday at 6 am. On Saturday night the Year 5s will have their camping night in the Forestry. These evenings are great fun with supper around the campfire, a game of spotlight in the dark and then a try at bread making over the camp fire in the 

morning so it is all ready for breakfast. We are most fortunate that Mr Aung takes these camping nights and the children have a wonderful time. 

Saturday 29th and Sunday 1st March 

This weekend we will have Friday evening Chapel with Mr Davidson managing matters with 5D. On Saturday the swimming squad will be competing at Peponi School and Sunday is equally busy; the IAPS squash tournaments are being held at The Banda for the girls and Braeburn for the boys. We are then looking forward to our Organ & Choral afternoon taking place in the Christina Chapel with about one hundred guest children from many schools joining us for this celebration of choral music. Please do join us if you can for the performance at 2pm and then tea afterwards. 

Thursday 5th March 

On Thursday we would like you to join us for the evening to enjoy a set of performances in the theatre. As always we will gather at the cafe and then proceed into the theatre for a wonderful evening of entertainment. 

Friday 6th March 

We start the day with Boats at 9 am and then move on to the Inter House Swimming Gala. Please do make arrangements to join us, enjoy the competition and then be able to pick your children up and head home for exeat. 

Exeat Trip 

As always Miss D will kindly arrange an exeat trip for any children who are unable to go home or join their family. I am sure she will be in touch soon to see who might like to join her and give you plans of where they will be off to. 

Sunday 8th March 

We will all return to school for 5 pm and our Chapel service at 6 pm. Buses will leave Nairobi that afternoon and we will also arrange a charter flight to help avoid the Sunday traffic. 


As you know we are looking forward to the arrival of our inspectors on Monday and our inspection officially begins on Tuesday morning and ends on Wednesday at 4.30 pm. I hope you have been able to complete the parent questionnaire and of course your children have also had a chance to voice their opinion by taking part in a pupil questionnaire as well. This inspection is to assess Pembroke House in terms of ‘compliance’ rather than for the ‘quality of education’ provided and thus the final assessments will judge us to ‘meet’ or ‘not meet’ the regulations. We will keep you posted. We have all enjoyed working together as a team and doing our very best to attend to every single detail, be it the documentation side of school life, matters in the classroom or the actual physical buildings. 


The Year 8s will be writing their mock CE exams during the week which begins on Monday 2nd March. Children in the Middle School and Year 7 will also have formal assessments in Maths, English and Science. We feel this will be beneficial in helping us all appreciate how much the children have understood in their lessons and it will give them practice with their exam technique. 

I think for now that is about it. 

Please do get in touch with any queries or concerns. No matter is too small and we all enjoy helping. My details are at the end of this letter to make it as easy as possible just to pick up the phone or send a message or email. 

We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks if you can manage to join us. If not, we will continue to take the greatest care of your children until it is home time. 

With very best wishes,