Learning in Lewa

For most, a school trip means an afternoon at a local museum. Not for our Pembroke children!

Year 7 & 8 were invited to Lewa Conservancy  Laikipia, for an unforgettable, four day camping safari with Mt Kenya as their backdrop. In addition to spotting tree climbing Lions, countless Rhino and a whole tower of Giraffe, they were lucky enough to see Oryx and Grevy’s Zebra during early morning game drives.

The children also visited the Lewa Education Centre to enhance their knowledge on conservation, then joined an inspired talk given by one of their kind hosts, Calum Macfalane on human evolution and the archaeological and anthropological artefacts discovered right there in Lewa.

Another highlight was meeting the dog tracking team from NRT (Northern Rangelands Trust) and accompanying them on patrol, whilst impersonating poachers. In addition, a visit to the NRT Command Centre taught the children how technology is utilised to monitor wildlife and manage the conservancy on a daily basis.

Afternoons were then spent cooling down in the Blue Pools, crabbing in the river, taking a ‘leap of faith’ at the waterfalls and canopy walking through the Ngare Ndare rainforest. Evenings were a time for reflection on the amazing experiences of the day and enjoying sundowner sodas out on the plains, amongst friends.