Overview, Aims & Ethos

‘The opportunities for before and after school and weekend activities are almost limitless. The wide variety of extra-curricular activities provides many opportunities for pupils to take on personal responsibility and exercise social responsibility.’

- SIS Inspection Report, 2018

At Pembroke we provide a wide range of extra-curricular options, with more than 380 activities happening each week. We believe this is crucial for developing well-rounded children who are happy and confident, as well as being dedicated and passionate about areas that interest them. We are very fortunate in Kenya to have access to amazing locations for safaris, camping and school trips. Our temperate climate is ideal for children being outdoors and there is usually nothing our pupils like better than enjoying time outside.

School Trips

All our children have the opportunity to go on a form trip each year to fun and educational locations. The destinations can include the Maasai Mara, Bobong, Naivasha, Ol Pejeta, Mt Kenya, Sagana and The Milgis. Experiences are diverse and interesting, ranging from going on safari, white water rafting, learning about tracker dogs, camel riding, swimming in lakes, fishing and trekking. These often focus on conservation efforts and community enterprises, which Pembroke children are passionate about, and are so important to understand and promote in our world today.

After the Common Entrance exams are finished, our Year 8s have an extensive post-CE programme, which involves a huge array of activities that expose them to community projects, conservation work, adventure activities and much-needed relaxation.

In addition to trips outside of school, we also have a camping trip in the school forestry for every year group from Years 1 - 8. These are always fun experiences for the pupils, with night time games, sitting around the campfire and camping with friends real highlights. Every child signs up for a Saturday morning club, which is a fun activity of their choosing that can help them indulge their interests and passions. Teachers offer clubs that can include things like Cooking, Fishing & Outdoor, Scrapbooking, Yoga, Fine Art Colouring, ICT, Synchronised Swimming and Football.

Paid Extras, Costs & Sign-Up

Although our curriculum is diverse, many children choose to take part in additional extras, which do incur a cost. These are taken by trained professionals, who are either Pembroke staff or peripatetic teachers who travel to school each week. These extras help develop and further pupils’ passion and interest in diverse areas, and contribute to the variety of pupils’ life at Pembroke.

Depending on which paid extras children choose to sign up for, parents should allow approximately Ksh40,000 per child per term. Children can sign up for paid extras at the beginning of the school year, or at the beginning of a term, if they decide they would like to try something new part way through the year. Please complete the digital form here if you would like to sign your child up for paid extras or here for Music lessons. Alternatively, you can fill out a form in the school office. The paid extras of Music, Riding and LAMDA are billed at the start of the term in which they are taken. Other extras are billed per session at the end of the term, after the teacher has taken a register each week to confirm who has attended. Please see the current options and costs for paid extras below.

LAMDA Termly 10,350
Horse Riding Termly 22,150
Music Termly 19,700
Coding Per session 1,250
Dance Per session 900
Football Per session 900
Golf Per session 900
Squash Per session 900
Swimming Per session 900
Tae Kwon Do Per session 900
Tennis Per session 900
Woodwork Per session 900