Closed Weekends

Typically, Pembroke House has a ‘Closed Weekend’ at the beginning and end of each term, when all
children are asked to stay in the boarding houses rather than head home. At the start of term, we
find that this helps settle the children back into boarding life and by the end, well, there is just too
much going on to miss.

The arrival of the giant inflatable water slide is synonymous with a closed weekend and this past
weekend was no exception.
Saturday was spent playing inter-house hockey matches and thanks to the start of the rains, the
pitches are looking much more vibrant. Congratulations to each and every one of our Houses.
Turners won the U13A, Hazards won the U13B, Opies won the U11 and Fosters won the U9.

Later that morning, many of our young riders took part in a Horse Show on ponies here at Pembroke
House.  The competition was very friendly, with the children taking part in a class according to their
level of experience, and taking into consideration the pony that they wanted to ride.  They were
judged on their safe handling of the ponies, their position in the saddle, plus balance and
coordination on the horse. All the children, including those that had only begun riding this term were
able to ride their pony independently in walk and trot, demonstrating what they had learnt this
term.  The more experienced children competed over show jumping courses.  Late Friday and early
Sunday morning saw the older and more experienced riders taking part in a two phase event which
included a Show Jumping round followed by a Cross Country course (over solid fences) through the

After supper on Saturday, the sports hall was transformed into the local disco venue, complete with
smoke machine and strobe lighting. Thanks to Mr ‘DJ’ Aung on the decks, the children got dressed
up and danced the evening away.
The members of the Martlet Band spent Sunday in their final practise sessions before the end of
term Ghetto Classics performance, whilst the seniors spent their time getting word perfect in play
rehearsals. Other children headed off to the Malewa river for some swimming and pizza lunch.

To great excitement, our lower paddock has just been transformed into a MotoX track and so the
weekend was also an opportunity for a team of pro-riders to put the track to the test, followed by a
number of children who jumped on their motorbikes for a trial session on the new course. We look
forward to the Piki Club gaining momentum next term, now that we have this fabulous new onsite