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Half Term Round-Up!

What a few weeks we have had at school! It has been a couple of years since we have had a real ‘back-to-school’ September season, and it has been wonderful to be able to welcome our children back to school properly. Our Year 1s and new children are settling in brilliantly, and we have already …

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Our Talented Year 8s

Our brilliant Year 8s have received their Common Entrance results today, and have gone off on an amazing camel safari. They are a wonderful bunch of talented, kind, responsible children who have excelled throughout their time at Pembroke. Have a look at some of their highlights from the last week or so…

Amazing art! 🎨

We love art! Our Art Room is always a hive of activity. Children enjoy Art and Design Technology lessons, and often choose to spend their free time creating. Check out some of the amazing work that has been produced in the last couple of weeks… Egyptian coil pots and canopic jars, made by Year 3: …

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All aboard the Reception train!

Choo choo! Reception have been learning about transport! Have a look at this lovely work that they have done! They have written about things that they could see out of the window of a train, and have created train pictures using geometric shapes. Well done, Reception!

Whose Shoes?

We are so happy to be back in the classroom! This week, 6S are discussing inference, and the clues that we can get from what we read and what we see. They were given some shoes, and had to think about their owner. How old are they? What is their job? Do they look after …

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⭐ Our Scholars ⭐

Every year, lots of our Year 8 children are awarded scholarships to schools all around the world. Our children head off to schools in the UK, in Kenya, in South Africa and further afield, and win scholarships for academics, sport, music and drama, plus all-rounder awards. Can you tell which scholarships these children have received?

Coming soon!! ⛏️

Exciting things are happening in school! Our brand new Digital Hub is being built! This will be the centre for our new focus on STEAM, and will be a completely invaluable resource. We are so grateful to our sponsors for allowing this to happen. Have a look and the progress that has been made over …

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