A Winning Formula

Pembroke House is a winner!  We are honoured to be ranked in the Spears 2022 Schools Index as a top 10 private school in the ‘rest of the world category’ 

Spears states Pembroke House is “legendary for the characterful children it sends to top senior schools all over the world”. We know this to be true on both accounts.  Our children are indeed characterful and for years we have nurtured and maintained strong relationships with a wide number of senior schools, not only in Kenya, but throughout the UK and South Africa. 

We are fortunate to be regularly visited by the head teachers from leading senior schools who take time to personally visit Pembroke House and meet with both our parents and prospective children, often resulting in the offer of scholarships. 

In recent weeks, we have welcomed Kingswood College, Blundells and both Sherborne Schools. Next week we are delighted to host representatives from Sedbergh School for a Happy Hour drinks reception. We also host numerous senior school heads during our annual Ndume 7’s rugby tournament and school’s fair, held in the Trinity term.  

Scholarships have started to be announced and we couldn’t be more delighted to share the successes of our Y8 pupils who have already secured awards to Sherborne Girls, Gordonstoun, Blundells, Glenalmond College, Sedbergh and Peponi.  We are confident that more will follow as the term progresses, giving our leavers the very best next steps in their academic journey ahead. 

Last Saturday, we also had a special visit from Christopher King, the CEO of IAPS (Independent Association of Prep Schools) the leading global schools association, of which Pembroke House is a member.   We take great pride in what he had to say. “Pembroke children were open, confident and charming! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and see Pembroke as one of the ‘world class schools’ in the IAPS group”.