A Pembroke Night’s Dream?

Rounding up the end of the Lent term, were two outstanding showcases from our Music and Drama departments.

The afternoon started with a moving musical performance – Where Worlds Meet – an orchestral
collaboration between our own Martlet Band and the Ghetto Classics from Nairobi. From the
National Anthem and Guide Me Oh Thou Great Redeemer to an encore of Uptown Funk, we found ourselves shedding tears of joy as the power of music really united our children, despite their differing worlds.

Next, under the creative eye of our Head of Drama, Mrs Standen McDougal, our Seniors put on a
dazzling performance of the Shakespearian comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was a bold
decision to bring Shakespeare to Pembroke House but the children rose to the challenge with
enthusiasm and confidence.

Following weeks of rehearsals, the children took centre stage in our theatre and shone in front of a ‘full house’, where we welcomed members of our wider community to enjoy the production
alongside the rest of the school. The play was a riot of colour and creativity plus there was plenty of humour. With standout performances from the Year 8 lead cast, the play was a beautiful interpretation, with a plot that taught us all about the power of imagination and the muddled illusion of dreams.