50 Word Story Competition ✏️

As part of our Book Day celebration, we held a 50 word short story writing competition, and we are delighted to share with you the winning entry, and the runners up. We were overwhelmed by the creativity and ingenuity of the children, and judging was difficult!

1st Place

I sat there, watching their every move. I could sense fear pounding through their veins, like punches in a boxing match. They looked so innocent sitting there with bated breath. How long would it take them to realise that there was a thirteen year old girl standing behind them…

by Ruana


Runners Up

Deep in the middle of the burnt forest stood a pitch black palace. A Goddess lay with her long, black hair and rose red lips. Strolling elegantly through her palace talking to her pet panther, her scaly wings followed behind her. She was longing to kill someone at dusk tomorrow.

by Vesper


My breath grew scarce, blood gushing out of my staggering body. Dragging myself through the ominous woods, I grew aware that my legs were collapsing, my bedraggled body fell. Lifting my bloodied hand from my gasping torso… a knife lay in my hand. The knife of my mother, the villain.

by Ayira


Everyone knew him, apart from me. Everyone slammed in the door in his face. Apart from me. I opened the door and let him in. Next morning I was an orphan. Now I understand why the doors that slammed in his face looked fearful. It was too late, he had left.

by Sasha


My heart pacing, my head pounding. As my fame grew huger, everyone around cheering, louder than the cheer of the crowds in the speech ‘I have a dream’. Concentrating heavily on the finish line, I can hear the sound of heavy breathing and loud footsteps behind me…

by Tessa