End of Term Round Up

Once Common Entrance exams were over, the energy around Pembroke House shifted up a gear.  Everywhere you turned, there was activity.  From Dorm Dinners, House Matches, the Widgery Tennis Cup to the final Boats, where 8 O were successful in maintaining their lead at the top of the league.

Our Y3’s enjoyed a special Ancient Greek themed day. They even spent their games lesson running the 800m in togas and with flaming torches, for a little authenticity!

For many, one of the highlights was the House Song competition.  After weeks of singing rehearsals and careful choreography, the children performed with energy in front of an independent judging panel.  Nobody will forget the impromptu ‘Taylor Swift’ moment as the whole school ‘Shaked It Off’ whilst the panel were busy adjudicating.  This years’ glory went to Opies.

The infamous Dinky Safari Rally took place with the ‘night stage’ illuminated by candle light around the pitches as the children raced off, dragging their homemade creations and doing their best not to rack up too many ‘tipples’ along the way. The day stage was even more lively, thanks to some ingenious resting stations that offered everything from refreshing fruit skewers to full blown water pistol fights.

As the school community prepared to say goodbye to our Y8 leavers, we celebrated their time at school with some remarkable events.  A disco at the Manyatta Polo Club, a black tie dinner in the Head’s Hub with parents and two separate camping trips – one to Sagana for white water rafting and also a safari in Laikipia. Memory boxes were filled; leavers hoodies were worn with pride. Trunks were packed and a few tears shed although they all depart Pembroke knowing that their friendships will endure far beyond their Prep School years.

As is tradition, the academic year concluded with a champagne reception and Speech Day.  Our guest speaker, Leo Winkley, Head of Shrewsbury School kindly assisted with awarding the prizes across all disciplines that acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the children. We also extend our congratulations to Troy and Natalie who were announced Head Boy and Head Girl for the forthcoming year.

To kick start the school’s centenary countdown, the last evening also played host to a Foundation ‘Old Hollywood’ Ball and Art Auction, which thanks to the generosity of contributing artists and exuberant bidding, raised over 2 million shillings to help support the Pembroke legacy.

Happy Holidays!