Chrome Books

As we kick started the new academic year in the usual Pembroke Spirit, our first chapel service of the term saw the Sorting Hat out in full force, busy ‘sorting’ all of our new pupils, gaps and staff into their respective houses.

The end of the service also saw our latest initiative being realised.  All children from Y5-8 have now been issued with their own chrome books.

Whilst we will ensure that screen time is limited to the classroom (there are still many trees in the forestry waiting to be climbed!) our children will now have individual access to so many online resources that will not only support but really enhance their learning.

This ‘digital drive’ will not only boost their confidence with using the technology, which will inevitably be part of their adult working lives, it will enable all teachers to weave more personalised learning into the classroom and broaden the way in which the curriculum is taught.

As both the teachers and children adjust to this new learning tool, they will find more creative ways of bringing the lessons to life with the use of technology, whilst not displacing the need for direct teacher contact and input.

We’re excited by the endless opportunities this significant leap in digital learning will offer the children and they are responding with equal levels of enthusiasm.